The Maxi Skirt

I am really feeling the maxi skirt this winter. I've always gone for the shorter hemlines since I'm not the tallest of girls. But all the looks I've been seeing lately have me thinking differently about this style. In high school I was all about the floor length black skirt (being the little goth girl I was) and had more than I could count. I would come home from the thrift store and my mama would always say, "Another black skirt??" But I could never have enough. Now there are so many varieties I can't wait to try. Here are some looks I'm inspired by.

Psychic Reader Skirt  from our very own etsy shop!

Which one is your favorite look? 



I love that maxi skirts have made such a huge come back this season. I'm a tall lady and minis are far too often verging on inappropriate for me.

Cassandre :

i am totally obsessed by the maxi and though I am not a goth I have about five black body con ones. They are just so elegant, comfortable and sexy in an understated way.

Your blog is great.

Be wonderful if you could take a look at mine cos I am relatively new to blogging and all.