Nebulus Inspiration

When I was younger, my favorite place to visit was the planetarium. I was mesmerized by the stars, the planets and the brilliant colors of the universe. For me, it was like a work of art. I would try to recreate what I saw in paintings and pictures. But nothing compared to the magical show that I encountered at the planetarium.
For the Winter, I have been particularly inspired by my planetarium experiences. I found myself incorporating jewel tones, geodes, and shimmery materials into my wardrobe. I like the bold colors and the unique materials of many of these new pieces. I think it is a welcome departure from many of the frills and feminine items that are often in my wardrobe.
This week, Annalise and I will be posting pictures from our Winter 2010 lookbook. Many of the clothes are inspired by the galactic, the cosmos, and the unknown.