Courtney Brooke

I first came across Courtney Brooke through Flickr many years ago. I immediately fell in love with her uncanny ability to capture beauty and emotion through her photographs. I find her pictures to be an incredible source of inspiration. The 1970s vintage vibe is making its way into my wardrobe for the Spring season.

You can find more photographs here.


Rachel :

She really does have some great photos, and I love the themes. :D

Virginie Lavallée Bélanger :

Her pictures are awesome, thanks for sharing! I love the way she does mise en scène.

Courtney Brooke :

Thanks so much Ladies I love your blog! XO Courtney Brooke

Eli :

These are so beautiful! They have such a pretty element that has this great vintage quality to it!

baileyschmidig :

i loove this! fur fur fur

La Rizada :

terrific pictures, thanks so much for sharing!

La Rizada