Digital Versicolor

Today was another lovely day in San Francisco. The weather was sunny, which was a much needed break from the depressing clouds of last week. 

I reconstructed some clothing today. I hemmed an adorable Southwestern dress and took in the sleeves. I can't wait to wear the dress out when the weather gets a bit warmer. It is pretty adorable, especially since I have a penchant for Southwestern inspired wear. 

This outfit is a pretty standard ensemble for day-to-day activities. I reconstructed the skirt a few years back and it is definitely one of my favorites. The paisley and the colors remind me of a print from the 1960s.  The hat harkens back to the 1980s, circa Depeche Mode and Boy George. 

Skirt: Thrifted, Reconstructed
Leotard: Thrifted
Heels: 1960's Vintage, Via Buffalo Exchange
Tights: American Apparel
Hat: Vintage
Belt: Anne Klein


Rachel :

Great outfit...the full skirt looks absolutely lovely paired with the belt and hat. :D

Laura @ The World Looks Red :

This is wonderful, I really love the skirt, the colours are amazing.

Eule-Lilaanaa :

great skirt, love it, very inspiring blog

jamie :

love... your look from head to toe :)

Eli :

the weather was amazing! I wore a skirt too after living these last few weeks in bundles and layers (I had been wearing leggings under my pants every day). At any peek of sun SF'ers bring out the shorts and skirts, I love it! I need go thrifting with you guys :)

Virginie Lavallée Bélanger :

I LOVE the setting of your photos :)

monster cakes :

The details in this outfit make it amazing. I love the studs on the shoes and the waist belt and the hat. So glad I found your blog! I'm totally smitten.

softspoken :

such a beautiful background - but no match for this outfit :) you have the best bangs, too, by the way.

Yvette :

lovely outfit!