El Mercado

This is the second set of photographs from the Guatemala trip. It is entitled "El Mercado," which translates into The Market. We took these pictures while  in both Antigua and San Pedro de Laguna. Visiting EL Mercado was one of my favorite experiences while treking throughout the country. The vibrant atmosphere of the marketplace was different in every town that we visited. Antigua was definitely my favorite, with a separate space for artisan and textile vendors. 



Such nice photos, I can't wait to see more of Guatamala :)


Karin :

beautiful photos, travel images are my favourite, there is just something so special about them. I love the image of the chickens xxx

La Rizada :

i traveled to guatemala this past summer! gorgeous pictures, you really captured the spirit of many of the things i saw there. i spent the majority of my time in antigua (so awesome, isn't it??) and didn't get a chance to get to san pedro de la laguna, although i did go to panajachel.

did you pick up any cool pieces of clothing while you were there? i bought an amazing jade necklace and a cute little wrap skirt, plus tons of earrings.

La Rizada

jamie :

beautiful photos!!