Into the Wilderness

Winter's in San Francisco are not very cold at all. Matty and I went on a lovely walk in the Presidio since it was bright and sunny today. There was a meadow of eucalyptus trees, green and beautiful from the morning dew. 

I have been wearing long dresses and skirts for the winter. This is a departure from my normal outfit choices. Being a mere 5'3, long dresses often don't work for me. I recently found this multi-tone maxi dress at a thrift store. It is one of my new favorite dresses. Paired with a belt, my favorite cameo, and a hat, I am ready for the day.

Jenny: Thrifted Maxi Dress, Vintage 1970's T-Strap Heels, Vintage Cameo, Vintage Hat, Vintage Belt
Matty: Vintage, Reconstructed Slacks, Thrifted Sweater, Thrifted Shirt, Vintage Hat, Vintage Scarf


Milla :

Oh wow, what an epic shoot. "The woods were lovely dark and deep" indeed.

Matthew :

with your floppy sun hat and flowy dress you're the cutest wiccan on earth. as the song goes: i'll put a spell on you, because your mine.

sorry baby, but to be certain, everythin i am wearing is vintage except the pants. those are just my slim slack lights from Am App. the only pants i wear that arent reconstructed vintage slacks.

Meggstatus :

I love the skirt!

meelusha :

loved the post, could smell the eucalyptus up to here :)
super outfir, that hat adds juts the right amount of glamour and mistery!

Jennyboo :

I love the smell of eucalyptus. I wish I could go on walks through this meadow everyday!

Beckerman Girls :

You look AMAZZZZING!I love the long skirt and that cameo pin is soooo darling! Have you ever seen an all black cameo pin?!! I just did and think I need to start collecting them pronto..they are soooo COOL!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Jennyboo :

I love cameos! They are they best. I have started a collection of them. But i could always use more. Where did you find the all black one? I want one! xoxo