Lago de Atitlán

Over the past summer, Matty and I traveled to Guatemala. We spent nearly two months exploring the beautiful country with nothing more than a small backpack, a guidebook, and our mediocre knowledge of the Spanish language. The experience was truly amazing. While in college, I didn't have time to explore or study abroad. There was always something to do, and extended travel seemed out of reach. In 2010, however, I made the commitment to dedicate at least one month to exploring a foreign country. I was so happy that I could make the trek to Latin America.

Matty and his family lived in Guatemala for six months when he was 12. He visited the country shortly after the civil war ended. We wanted to return to the country to see what changes had taken place after nearly a decade since his last trip. What we discovered was a country that was quite beautiful and welcoming. 

These pictures were taken with my Minolta SR101. I was very much inspired by the bright colors and the vibrant landscape of Guatemala. This atmosphere is reflected in the following set of photographs, entitled "Ni mucho que queme al santo ni tan poco que no lo alumbre," which translates to "Not so much that it could burn the saint and not so little that it won't illuminate it." These photos were taken at San Juan de Laguna during their yearly celebration for their patron saint who bears the same name. I will be posting more sets from the trip in the coming weeks.