Maxi Madness

You may be wondering why in the world every picture in this post has a different background. Well, after going out for lunch, Matthew and I could not find a place that we both liked to take photos. It was pretty funny as we just wandered around our neighborhood, as the sun went down, searching for a backdrop we both liked. I thought for this post I would give you a little tour of our neighborhood photoshoot adventure. Haha.

The first spot was up against a brick wall. I loved the bright sun and the way the green of the dress popped against the brick. But the sun was a little too bright and I couldn't look up without squinting.

The next spot was just around the corner. I thought the shade was going to be too dark. And I didn't like the way the green of the dress got drowned out from all the plants in the background of this one. 

So we moved on to the center median in the middle of the road. (I almost stepped in doggy doo-doo here.) Again I thought it was a little too dark, and wasn't thrilled with the cars driving by every 2 seconds an showing up in the background.

Back on to the side walk. This one I liked. I thought it looked kind of European with the pretty colored houses behind me. And it was pretty nice to show off the green lace of the dress and my cute little squirrel bag. But Matthew thought the back ground was boring so we kept moving on. 

Okay, this picture was in front of a methadone clinic and there were needles at my feet and a homeless person sleeping in the corner. eek! I do think the background is pretty awesome and I might have to come back here for a different outfit post.

Finally just one block from my house we found these stairs across from the Salvation Army. Even though there were lots of people walking by I think we got a couple good pictures.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that has trouble some days. Is it easier for you to go out with a plan of where to shoot? And which photo backdrop is your favorite?


Rachel :

Great colors, and the accessories are completely fantastic. :D

sabiiine :

i ♥ your earrings!!!!

and the photo in the grass. it's two powerful shades of green meeting in that pic!

Kenziefaith :

I loove maxi dresses! Especially this one. The color is so unique!

KF x

Eule-Lilaanaa :

so nice dress

elanor, :

this is so beautiful - i really love all the photos, and your outfit is darling.

my favorite location might be the one near the houses. i don't think the ground is boring. :)


Beckerman Girls :

I love all the backgrounds..feels like we were on the adventure with looks soooo warm and amazzzing!!! We have loads of snow in Toronto....brrr!!! You look FABBB and love that green dress with your hair....VISION!
xoBeckerman Girls

Chelsea Elizabeth. :

That color looks AMAZING on you! It makes your eyes and skin POP. Since it's insanely here I just use my green wall as a background but I want to change it up more in the spring. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth


Love your beautiful green dress and those lace up boots are divine. Great outfit! As for photo-shoots? There are certainly days were it is much more of a challenge to get good pictures but, I have since pre-scouted several great locations (in my neighbourhood) and I seem to get great pictures there.

Having said that ...I think your pictures are absolutely lovely, as is your blog! xx veronika

S and O :

what a beautiful dress, that deep forest green color looks great on you! :)
I loooove your boots ^_^

Charmalade :

I actually really like how the first picture came out, though I can see how the sunlight is way too strong there. But it definitely brings out how detailed your dress the most (that's the prettiest green!).

Toast with Charmalade


you look fabulous! i love your maxi dress, the color fits your skin well. :-)