Mod Inspiration

I have an affinity for 1960's mod dresses. I remember listening to records with my father when I was younger, his favorites being The Beatles 'Abbey Road' and The Marvellettes 'Sophisticated Soul.' This upbringing of 1960's classics influences my love of mod style. I have quite a little collection of 60's dresses, shoes, and accessories. I wear them quite often. Here are a few of my favorite photographs. I want all of the clothes (pretty please!)


Annebeth :

Oh yes I absolutely friggin adore the sixties and Abbey Road was my favorite album growing up! I listened to it non stop when I was 8 or something. I just love how the sixties are so stylish, sweet and girly but with quite a bit of sex appeal thrown in too :)

Jennyboo :

I totally agree with you! I love the short girly dresses that are a bit edgy. My mom showed me all of these old pictures of her when she was in her teens (and in the 1960s). I wanted everything she was wearing. I wish she would have kept it <3

baileyschmidig :

Oh a mod photo shoot would be amazing! if you ever wanna do one lemme know. i also have like 10 mod dresses we could use & i could donate some