Princess Oozora

 I wanted to introduce you to the little girl that stole my heart, Oozora! She's my 7 month old puppy and the cutest thing in all the land. Oozora, or ZZ as we call her, is a Boston Terrier and French Bulldog mix. She has the best brindle coloring and HUGE ears. Anyone else notice the similarities to a gremlin?? Don't worry, we don't feed her after midnight. :D

I love how these sunglasses look with my super short bangs. Super retro!! 

You wouldn't believe how hard it was to get ZZ to sit still for these pictures. She just kept wanting to go to her daddy (Mr. Photographer).  There are some really funny shots of her tugging at the leash and me trying to hold her back.
dress: H&M
oxfords: Steve Madden
handbag: vintage
ZZ: priceless <3


The Dandizette :

Aww you look fantastic darling, I really love the bangs and sunglasses look too. How cute is your puppy!



Puppies! She's darling and so is your dress. xo.

Rachel :

Absolutely darling!... And the dress is great as well. :D

Definitely following!

AnnaBananaCupcake :

Thanks so much!! I've always been a cat person, and my boyfriend was a dog person. But he convinced me to get a doggy and I'm SO glad that we did!!!

La Rizada :

where does the name oozora come from? love the sunglasses!

La Rizada

HoneyBunny :

What a stunning look! The dress is just perfect!:)

Annebeth :

could you PLEASE give me your dress? Otherwise, I'd have to take the puppy. I'm obsessed with collars.

jamie :

im your newest follower <3
lovee the dress and hello oozora!

bloo. :



kendal croix. :

super cute dress. very wednesday adams.

softspoken :

that dress is just perfection. and your pup reminds me of my grandfather's dog, smokey, that he had when i was a girl - the same pretty black/brown coloring!

AnnaBananaCupcake :

Carrie, Oozora is a type of Kendama, a Japanese wooden ball in cup toy. Check out this website for all things Kendama. :D My boyfriend and I are really into Kendama and go to monthly battles/parties with other Kendama lovers. haha. Nerd alert!
(It also means "big, beautiful sky".)

monster cakes :

Nothing makes me happier than peter pan collars and oxford shoes! Such a great look!

Laura @ The World Looks Red :

Oh, that dress is really cute indeed! I had no idea they have them at H&M! Is it recent? Oh and the dog made my heart melt. My boyfriend and I keep saying we'll get a Frenchie once we can offer it a better life (ie have more time for it and don't live on the 4th floor of an apartmentbuilding in the centre of Amsterdam)

I'm also a cat-person really.. But I also love dogs!

AnnaBananaCupcake :

Laura, you should totally get a dog! We live in an apartment in the middle of San Fransisco, and we have two cats!! But if you're not home a lot that changes things. My boyfriend has a part time job so he's able to stay with Oozora during the day mostly.
Oh, and the dress is a couple year old now. But I still love it!