San Francisco Sunset

When I first moved to San Francisco (eight years ago!) I lived in Bernal Heights. It's a beautiful neighborhood with lots of little one way streets, hidden walkways and gorgeous views. I've lived in five different places since then but I always love to come back and visit. It's an easy walk (except for the hills) from my current apartment, and Monday after work Matthew and I took Oozora out as the sun was going down.


Matthew had me scramble up this little hill to get some pictures. These were not the best shoes for climbing, let me tell you! But there were some very funny photos of me loosing my balance and nearly sliding back down on my booty. haha. 

White lace blouse: Thrifted
Green cardigan: Nordstrom
Denim: Levis from Buffalo Exchange
Army green mini wedges: Jeffrey Campbell 
Earrings: hand made by my sister
Vintage handbag: Thrifted
 Peacock scarf: gift


Julia-Rose :

haha those are beautiful pictures, but I really want to see the ones of you sliding! lol You're so graceful, I doubt they even look that silly :) Love ya

Eli :

Same thing happened to me a few months ago while I was visiting SF before I moved made me go up Bernal hill with him in heels! I had lots of close calls but the view is breath taking! On a clear day the views are so beautiful

Rachel :

Beautiful pics! The accessories are so great, too!

Eule-Lilaanaa :

nice bag

Rebecca :

beautiful scarf and love the blog!

maggeygrace :

These pictures are positively lovely! I love the hill pictures. That scarf and lacey top are so pretty! Your blog is beautiful.

Sofia :

You have nice photos here. And I like your style too. I hope you like my blog. I am a photography lover and also a science student. :)