San Franpsycho Sunday

 Sunday was a gloriously sunny day here in San Francisco, even all the way into the Sunset district, a place notorious for cold and foggy weather. Matthew, Oozora and I were over at San FranPsycho headquarters doing a little gardening to get ready for the Kendama Battle at the end of the month. Kendama is a Japanese wooden ball-in-cup toy that Matthew and I are obsessed with. And we're not the only ones! Check out the Kengarden Blog for all things Kendama. The battle at the end of the month is going to be one of the biggest and best yet. Some of the best players are coming in from out of town just to compete. There will be BBQ, drinks, music and what always turns in to a dance party! I'm not a very competitive person but Kendama is just so much fun it's addicting. I'll be competing in the beginner level, so wish me luck. I always come in second place. Arg!

Some silly poses in front of the San Franspycho van.

Bambo print silk blouse: Thrifted
Khaki shorts: H&M
Doggy belt: Antique store in North Carolina
Black booties: Thrifted

I wanted to show a close up of this awesome belt I found while visiting Matthew's family in North Carolina during the summer. It's a little doggy with gold chain attached to his jewel studded collar. I just adore anything with animals on it so I could not pass this belt up. I've never seen anything like it before or after.


Rachel :

That's such a unique belt, and it adds a lot of really great detail to the outfit. :D

Virginie Lavallée Bélanger :

so jealous of this January weather (and of that dog belt too!)

jamie :

love this from head to toe. and what a cute sport :) good luck! i hope you kick everyone's butts!

Meggstatus :

Ok seriously, that belt is so bad ass.

Eule-Lilaanaa :

nice look, great bluse

AnnaBananaCupcake :

Thank you ladies!! I hope the weather stays as nice for our Kendama battle.


Oh, wow. What a fun touch that belt is.

The weather seemed to perk up just as soon as I left! Next visit, I demand more sun! And maybe a coffee date with you lovely girls? :)

Jennyboo :

Yes, a coffee date is in order! Are you planning on visiting soon?