Thrifting Adventures

Twice a month, Annalise and I wake up early and make a 2 hour drive to northern California for thrifting. We were so happy that Nicole came with us on our adventure. We left San Francisco at 9:00 AM and travelled to a little town just outside of Santa Rosa. For the next three hours, we scoured racks of clothes and purchased some amazing finds.

Some of my favorite finds of the day were a maxi floral skirt and a plaid wool skirt. This bar cart was pretty amazing and somehow managed to fit in the back of my car. It is now the perfect spot for Nicole's newly purchased 1920's bar glasses.

Although we frequent many thrift stores in Santa Rose, we also love to stop in Sebastopol and visit Aubergine Vintage Emporium. Aubergine has an amazing selection of dresses, coats, shoes, and purses. We spent hours purusing the racks and trying on clothes.

We are quite happy with our purchases and can't wait to go again in two weeks. A proper outfit post will follow on Wednesday.


Natalie :

nice blog

peace x

Rachel :

Wowww! That store looks fantastic! And massive! o.o

jamie :

gasps! jealous!!

Jennyboo :

It was quite a lot of fun! But not too fun for my pocketbooks. Xoxo

Virginie Lavallée Bélanger :

That store looks awesome! Thanks for sharing your adventure :)

maggie battles :

fantastic blog, dolls! so cool you found mine thru chictopia & we live in the same city -i swear i've seen you guys around town before! big ups to fellow sf fashion bloggers! xox

Eli :

that is so cool! I moved to the city about a month ago and have already found the thrifting to be quite picked over AND expensive! Glad to know that a little drive away there are some places with nice things worth finding

La Rizada :

awesome! i love fashion forestry and it's cool to see when bloggers are friends in real life.

La Rizada

AnnaBananaCupcake :

Maggie, we'll have to met up some time for a thrifting adventure. And Eli too!

Fashion Forestry :

it was realllly fun!!

Danielle | Things She Made :

Is there any way you can tell me what thrift stores you visited up north? I live in the area and would LOVE to check out some new thrift spots. Perrrty please? :)
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