Baby I'm Blue

There are so many dresses in my closet that don't get to see the light of day that often. I've had this little blue number for a couple of years now but I haven't worn it more than a handful of times. Somehow when I'm getting dressed in the morning it feels just a little bit too fancy for me. I decided to throw my antiquated thinking out the window this morning and let this beauty fly free from the confines of my closet. Of course the sun was shining and the sky was the exact color of my dress. Thank you San Francisco weather!

Things I love about this dress, let me count the ways... 1. The color! 2. Ruffles! 3. Tiny little black stitches. 4. The cutest mini buttons. 5. Hides problem areas. 6. Exposed zipper on the back. (Sorry, I forgot to snap a picture of it. Oops.) 7. Pockets!

Blue dress: Kensie
Pattern tights: Trina Turk
Black oxfords: Steve Madden
Black cardigan: Target
Bag: Jenny's closet :D


Maria E. :

That shade of blue is wonderful; love it. :)

-- Maria E.

veronika, tick tock vintage. :

such a pretty dress! i don't think it's too fancy at all, i think because it's made out of cotton (at least it looks like it) makes it more wearable for daytime.

Rachel :

Beautiful contrast! That's a great shade of blue, and the tights are amazing!

Maria Ramona :

yes, i am totally feeling blue right now too! (the color that is)

elanor, :

so adorable. :)
the blue is darling on you, and i love those tights!


Luna :

nice look! I love the black and blue combination! I think you have a lovely blog so I'm you new follower :-)

jamie :

i have the same problem: too many dresses in the closet that have not been worn (enough)

you look awesome as always :)

Laurel :

ooh I didn't notice how cute those shoes were in the chictopia pic...cute!