Bernal Hill

When I first moved to San Francisco I lived in Bernal Heights. It's a wonderful little neighborhood with lots of lovely shops down Cortland, the main road. The coffee shops are filled with regulars and The Good Life Market grocer knows your name. Now I live just below this pretty hill that always shines above the clouds. But it's still nice to go and visit all my old haunts. It sure doesn't hurt that there is a off leash dog run area on the very top of the hill. Matthew and I took little ZZ for a run through the grass. Although it looks nice and sunny, it was really chilly!


My pretty pretty embroidered bag from Aubergine Vintage Emporium. 

 A view through the trees.

It was so cold that I had to keep my jacket on for some of the pictures.

Checkered dress: Flea Market
Black cardigan: thrifted
Black boots: thrifted
Embroidered bag: vintage from the emporium
Gold key double ring: Buffalo Exchange

Little Oozora. The cutest!

All photos by Matthew Rice.


Rachel :

Great location, and beautiful outfit! I love all the little embroidered details!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

This outfit seamlessly combines for of my all-time favourite things: gingham dresses, fifties style embroidered cardigans, tapestry bags, and Victorian schoolgirl shoes. You look phenomenal!

Em :

The bag is driving me crazy--so great! And, of course, I adore your little pup.

Steffy's Pro's and Con's :

adorable dress, i always love your girly but indie type of style. the location is beautiful also, i love the one with the city in theb ackground!

<3 steffy

Eule-Lilaanaa :

cute dress and great bag

Stef / Diversions :

The place looks lovely and I bet your canine friend had some fun running without that pesky leash :D

Awesome bag and I &herats; this dress on you - so pretty :)

Jenni :

It looks so nice there! Your outfit is adorable. I love that amazing purse and the cute checkered dress!
Also: PUPPUM <3

Meghan :

cute look!

Lynzy :

What a beautiful place for photographs! The combination of the perfect outfit against the background is gorgeous!

LyddieGal :

Darling look! And the tapestry bag is so great!

Chic on the Cheap

chloe :

You have such cute hair & great personal style. I love the embroidery - it fits you well. Also, cute dog! (:

AA :

the scenery is beautiful! and i love the cardigan!

Diana Smith :

These pictures are awesome!! You look so pretty!

The Smith Circle

Georgia Rose :

I love this outfit! Such wonderful attention to detail, and amazing photos too.

Cole :

Absolutely love the first picture & your bag!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Love your outfit, I've been rockin' the leather jacket over ladylike dresses lately too.

I'm jealous of your photo locations, we have no geography here in Chicago (I moved here from L.A.)

Rebeccak :

Oh that bag! I once had a heavily embroidered bag that I used to death - literally - it died a sad and tragic death, collapsing thread by thread. Yours is just gorgeous! (and your little god too!)

Paper Heart Girl :

Ahh, I love your pretty and that AMAZING location! xxxxxx

Kathleen :

This is such a beautiful spot. I'm amazed by all the beautiful views to be found aroud the city - a big hill with a view is definitely worth the climb!