Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello lovelies and Happy Valentine's Day! Over the weekend, we spent a wonderful Saturday night  enjoying a Valentine's Day party at  Nicole's  house. She had the loveliest heart decorations! With dreamy 1950's love songs and sparkling pink champagne, we couldn't ask for a better evening. We made pipe cleaner craft creations, gathered presents from the red hot lip pinata that guests took a swing at, and giggled at silly jokes. It was also quite a lot of fun to spend time with Ashley, Francesca, and Mary, all who wore such beautiful pastel dresses and skirts. We wish that every night would be an occasion to dress up in fanciful creations and drink delicious punch.

(My rabbit Howard couldn't attend the party. But he wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!)


Electric Fantastic :

What a darling party!

jamie :

looks like fun!
happy valentines day!

lindsey lowe :

super cute pics!

jesse.anne.o :

Bunny! I love when people have bunnies. They're pretty awesome. If I didn't have the type of cats I have, I'd like to adopt one.

Eli :

jesus! this is the most perfect party for valentines day! It's like a prom! Each one of you looks so unique yet beautiful :)

the bunny is so awesome, I've always wanted one. But now that I have the cat, I'm afraid she'll try to eat the bunny

Rachel :

Looks like an awesome party...belated Happy Valentine's Day! :D