Mt. Bruno

Matthew and I spent the afternoon walking around and exploring on Mt. Bruno just outside of the city. We let Oozora off her leash (though I'm not sure we were supposed to!) and let her run around to her hearts content. She's never happier then when running free. It's the cutest thing ever, and you wouldn't believe how fast her little legs can go! 

Floral dress: H&M
Pink cropped cardigan: Flea Market
Black woven belt: thrifted
Black oxfords: Steve Madden


I just had to include a couple pictures of Oozora and I running together. She's so darn fast! Below are a couple photos that I photoshopped using the website Picnik. Jenny told me about this site and now I'm obsessed. It's so much easier than Photoshop and a lot less expensive. You can also add silly graphics and text to create a different mood. I wanted a romantic vintage feel to these ones and I think they came out pretty well. Have any of you used this website? Let me know if you do!


Carys :

These pictures are amazing, lovely clothes too!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Steffy's Pro's and Con's :

lovely pictures, wherever you are looks so beautiful i love the flowers and your dog, and your dress!

<3 steffy

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Annebeth :

the pictures do look awesome, I'm checking out the site right now! and I loooooooove the backdrop and your outfit, those small yellow flowers are stunning and I want to be running there with you guys!

gee :

such beautiful pictures.
i want to be where you are..the weather looks amazing.

Rachel :

Beautiful! I love the print on your dress!

alexandra grecco :

so gorgeous! you have such a lovely blog.


Em :

Super cute and I love the way you did the pictures. Your dog is awesome!

Maria Ramona :

I adore the picture of your black boots in the field of yellow flowers. I'm going to have to check out Picknik too! I've been using Picasa which is also free & easy but sounds like Piknick has moe to offer. thnx for the tip!

elanor, :

your dress is beautiful! i've never been to mr. bruno, maybe i'll have to now - it looks lovely!

really cute dog, too. :)

Meghan :

looks like fun, what a cute doggy!

Meghan :

also, is a cool editing site, I find it faster than picnik

Cole :

I love your dress & shoes!
And I also love picnik! Use it all the time.

Green Tea and Cupcakes :

Beautiful pictures and Oozora is so cute.

Michal :

I love these pictures!! They make me wanna run around outside & I can't wait until all of this snow is gone. I love the effects you used on the last photo. Picnik is great! I use it all the time, normally just to straighten and crop though. I should play around with it more.

Sophi :

You look so beautiful in that portrait with the rock! Pretty (and intelligent and stylish and awesome) lady!

I use picnik all the time myself. It's actually really a pretty powerful tool! Who woulda thunk it?