On the Dock of the Bay

I was just loving the sunny warm weather the Bay Area was having in February! Bare legs are rare in my world, as you can tell by my whiter than white skin. I usually wear tights but it was seriously too warm to have on anything more than these cute little socks from Anthropologie. I even had to keep my hair up to get it off of my neck.  To keep cool, Matthew and I went down to the Embarcadero and walked around the docks. He's good friends with the guys at The Bike Hut, so while they checked out his new bicycle frame we snapped a few pictures down by the water.


 I was leaning up against this random boat and all of sudden I almost lost my balance! At first glance the long dock seemed pretty steady. But as soon as I tried to stand still I realized it really had a mind of its own. That's me giggling as I almost fell through the cracks and landed in the water. eep!

White knit cardigan:  vintage borrowed from Jenny's closet :D
Black lace dress: Forever 21
White belt with gold flower buckle: vintage from Minxy
White socks: Anthropologie
Black oxfords: Steve Madden
Floral embroidered bag: thrifted vintage

 I hope everyone else is enjoying such lovely weather. I don't know how long it will last so I'm going to soak it all in while I can.
All photos by Matthew Rice: http://ratmicesf.tumblr.com/


freesia :

Very loevly, the purse is gorgeous!!!

Annebeth :

SO jealous, I'm totally ready to get my legs out too! lovely outfit, cute with the socks :)

Jenni :

Adorable--love the purse!


Sigh. I am having warm weather envy right now. I love everything about this fantastic outfit, that belt, those shoes, and the adorable socks that match your cardy. :-) Yup, this outfit is making me smile because I LOVE it. xx veronika

Tierney :

Um, so, you pretty much look adorable. I thought that dress was a long lost relic from the '60's, and then I saw the F21 at the bottom. Not only is it the cutest, but now it's attainable too! :)

I love ships/boats/anything nautical. These picture are perfect.


Rachel :

Cute pics! I love the one where you lose your balance a little; it's adorable. :D

Carrie at La Rizada :

um, out of control adorable! i love the way your pixie cut looks with that 60s inspired dress.

jamie :

i loveee the photo of you almost falling through the cracks, hehe. so beautiful <3

head over heels :

you look so gorgeous here - love your bag and dress :) x

Michal :

Adorable outfit. I love the first photo- such perfect composition! I miss bare legs. SUMMER PLEASE COME.

Beverley :

pretty pretty, i LOVE the belt. and the bay looks beautiful, what a great setting for blog pictures :)

Pink Penguin :

Just discovered your blog, it's so lovely! The outfit posts are super cute. I am following now :) xoxoxo

elanor, :

hmm! it's chillier again here in marin county! you look darling. :) i love the dress with that belt! great styling!


Eli :

these photos are absolutely stunning! you look like Audrey Hepburns sister!

Jenni Wells :

Your dress, your purse, your belt.... I love this entire look!!

I looked through your blog a bit and couldn't be more excited to be your newest follower.


Eule-Lilaanaa :

so nice vintage look