Philz Coffee


One of the best places in San Francisco to get coffee has got to be Philz Coffee. They brew each cup one at a time to order and add fresh mint leaves to every drink. I'm super lucky that there is a Philz just a few blocks from my house. So, with the crazy heat wave this weekend (it was about 70 degrees), it was the perfect place to walk the doggy and get an iced coffee. Yum! 


We decided to go down one of the many alleys with beautiful murals on almost every building. As we were snapping our pictures there were other people with cameras and I even saw a couple of older ladies taking a guided mural art walk. I love that it's all in my little neighborhood!

Floral velvet skirt: Thrifted
Green cardigan: Nordstrom
Cream top: Nordstrom
Brown belt: My Mom :D
Grey over the knee socks: Sock Dreams
Light Grey Oxfords: Forever21

 Hee Hee.

I also just had to include a picture of my nails. They're over a week old (and I did them myself) so please don't judge me too harshly. :D I was inspired by a photo by Rebecca on The Clothes Horse.
When I did my nails I used a dark blue nail polish as the first layer, then on the tips I added a small multi-glitter polish and then last I added a chunky gold glitter. I LOVE how they turned out and it lasted for a long time too.

All photos by Matthew Rice.



Oh, I love Philz. I was actually introduced to their coffee on a recent trip to the USVI, where my boyfriend packed a bag of Anesthesia to the Upside for our vacation. It works just like it's namesake states.

Love your skirt!

Rachel :

Your nails are beautiful! And it sounds like a really great coffee place, too. :D

strawberry moth :

Lady bird!

You are the WINNER of my 50 follower Giveaway! Shoot me an email with your info and so very soon you'll have a sweet package on your doorstep! Congrats and thank for following!

xo, Strawberry Moth

jamie :

oh gosh youre CUTE. and fresh mint leaves? awesome! i need to try that place out when im out there.

p.s congrats to the giveaway!

Ashley Ording :

Oooh, smoldering looks!

freesia :

I just found your blog and i just love it!!!!