The Sawmill

I never knew that there was a giant windmill in Golden Gate Park. In 1902, the parks commission authorized construction of two windmills to pump water to supply water to the park. The first windmill- on the north side of the park facing the Pacific Ocean- was completed in 1903 and became known as the Dutch Windmill. It is now home to a charming little garden full of colorful flowers.

This outfit is Edwardian inspired. Even though I am almost 26, I find myself dressing like a child circa 1880. With the hat and the bow collar, it is perfect for the transitional period between Winter and Spring. Everything I am wearing is thrifted (including that amazing lace dress for only $5.00). The shoes are also one of my favorite finds. I purchased them on a road trip to Montana in 2009. The bows and pointed toes make these shoes quite adorable.

Dress: Thrifted
Hat: Soni of California
Tights: American Apparel
Shoes: Thrifted
Cameo: Vintage, Thrifted


Em :

Awesome outfit, absolutely love how you styled it. I can't believe the great price on such a wonderful dress!

alexandra grecco :

too cute, miss!


The Cat and The Cow :

I LOVE everything about this!!!

1. I am obsessed with windmills
2. Your outfit is AMAZING!!! Dont you love when you find dresses like that for $5?!!! When I find something like that at a thrift store I feel like I almost have to be sneaky because I am getting such a good deal but I dont want to give it away.
3. I too am 26 and often find myself dressing like a child. In fact, I am jealous of my 1 1/2 year old daughter's clothes on a regular basis :)

Beautiful post!

Rachel :

Great photos! The hat and the dress look perfect together! :D

Rebecca :

It is just too adorable with the scarf and cameo, awesome styling!!

Beatrice :

love this look! it's so romantic and pretty.

jamie :

geeez!! amazing dress! jealous!

k :

Great look! I love the purple tights!


diana kang :

these are stunning! xx

elanor, :

i MUST come visit this windmill! you've inspired me. :) this spring. for sure.

i love your outfit! you are so adorable and inspiring! terrific!


Carlota :

so cute! :)

Meghan :

oh so cute!

Laura :

beautiful outfit!!!!!!! i just found your blog and im following!!!!


Jennifer :

This dress is incredible. I love the bow and the hat!

Eli :

these photos are so awesome! I didnt know there was a windmill either until two weeks ago when on one of those long gone sunny days :( we went to the beach and saw it from afar. Thanks for reminding me to visit it up close!