I wish the weather outside looked as nice as it does in these photos. It's been raining for days and my feet are frozen. Both of the kitties are curled up in front of the heater. It's hard to believe that just last week the sun was shining brightly and we were worried about getting sunburns. Now the only thing to worry about is which pair of sensible shoes I should wear to go out in the rain.

Yep, I'm wearing my belt from Minxy again. What a great find! And my $5 dress is from our last Flea Market adventure. It looks handmade with no tag to give me a hint about it's history.


Showing off my little bee pin. His wings are on springs and wiggle around like he's flying!

Pink floral dress: Flea Market
Grey cardigan: H&M
White floral belt: Minxy
Grey oxfords: Forever 21
Socks: Anthropologie
Bee pin: thrift store
Pink bag: Jenny's Closet


Rachel :

This outfit looks great, especially with that belt! It adds such a nice finish. :D

Michal :

Lovely colors! That bee pin & your belt are so amazing.

I know how you feel with the weather... It was pure bliss here for two days (in NH in February, pure bliss = 50 degrees) but now it's back to cold, cold, cold. ):

Jenni :

You look super adorable. I love the colors, and the belt is fantastic.

gina :

I love your dress! This is a really nice outfit!

xo, gina

gee :

you can not beat a $5 beautiful dress.
it looks beautiful on you.

Meghan :

what a pretty pink dress! the bee pin is so cute :)

Annebeth :

I want bare legs weather and your dress, in that order please!

jamie :

high 5 to $5 dresses!
as always, you look darling

Robyn :

What a lovely look. I adore the print, the little socks, and the color of those oxfords.

elanor, :

aw i really love this outfit!
the pink is so delicate and adorable on you, and the belt is so fantastic.

all together just a beautiful ensemble!

Eule-Lilaanaa :

nice belt and colour

vintagereflection :

Love this look, those brogues and socks are super cute! x