What We Love

1. Natasha Khan

Natasha Khan, also know by her stage name "Bat for Lashes," is one of my favorite style icons. She has a playful sense of style, mixing eclectic pieces with colorful patterns. Natasha finds her inspiration from photographers like Nick Arbus, Native American folklore, and Nick Cave's iconic wearable sculptures. On her sense of style, she says, "When I was a teenager, I really liked Courtney Love's babydoll vintage phase. I like Patricia Arquette in Lost Highway. PJ Harvey was amazing in some of her get-ups, like the pink catsuit at Glastonbury. I feel like women can be sexy in a powerful and unusual way." These inspirations translates into her bold fashion choices. -Jenny-

2. Owls

My obsession with owls began many years ago. I would find adorable 1970s owl  figurines during my frequent thrift store visits. I started purchasing them, forming owl themed collections that would sporadically wind up in corners throughout my house. I now own about 70+ owl odds and ends (although I have taken a break from amassing the little guys due to a lack of room.) -Jenny-

3. Missoni Spring 2011
Missoni's Spring 2011 collection is dreamy. The tribal patterns, bold colors, and bohemian infused pieces falls inline with my eclectic sense of style. What I like most about the collection is its kaleidoscopic stripes, zig zags, and diamond shaped detailing. It reminds me of a mishmash of international folklore woven into one magical collection. -Jenny-

 4. Fringe


 There is something so bohemian and romantic about fringe and tassels. When seen on chains of necklaces or hanging from the ears it feels so glam and 1920s flapper girl. Put it on a leather handbag or cute pair of boots and it's more southwestern or native. I'm always on the look out at thrift stores for great vintage pieces made with fringe. -Annalise-

 Flicker is a never ending source of inspiration for me. Some of my favorite groups are, of course, the vintage photograph collections. This group is filled with school photos from as far back as the turn of the century. I love to see so many amazing outfits in one place. Everyone dresses up for school pictures so you know that these outfits were really thought about and these kids wanted to look good! My favorites in this photo are all the cute collars. -Annalise-

 6. Klute

Klute is one of those films that has such great fashion that feels so modern. Jane Fonda's outfits are so current that I would love wear them tomorrow! Doesn't she look just like an art student you would see walking down the city street with her portfolio in hand? Her skirt is that great length I've been lusting after and how much do I want that belt. Oh I love the whole thing! -Annalise-


Rachel :

I love owls sooo much lately! One of my favorite dresses is tiled with 'em. :D