Age of Consent

I was pretty excited when I found this Dooney & Bourke satchel at a thrift store for only $3.00. I searched far and wide for the perfect leather bag for Winter and was happy to find one for such a bargain! I think this may also be my new favorite hat. It is a fairly recent find and it has quickly become a wardrobe staple.

In other news, tomorrow is my 26th birthday! Since it is in the middle of the week, I'll save the festivities for the weekend. I'm planning a little gathering for my friends on Sunday. Tea, cocktails, and yummy Hors d'Ĺ“uvres with some of my favorite ladies. Pastels and pretty party dresses are a must (I found a dreamy lace dress at Held Over in the Haight).  Stay tuned for pictures next week!

1970s Wool Hat: Thrifted
Dress: Thrifted, Altered
Vest: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Purse: Dooney & Bourke, thrifted
Boots: Mars Mercantile
Ring: Borrowed from Annalise

Lovely photographs by Matthew Rice

And just for fun (since it is my birthday and all)....I don't think my hair has changed since I was three!


Em :

How cute is that last picture? Great score on the D&B bag--appears to be authentic.

Nicoletta :

LOL this post is super cute <3
Happy b-day, then :D

Raquel :

I'm so jealous of your bargain bag!
And you're such a cute child :)

Steffy's Pro's and Con's :

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! what a cute pic! you always find the best places to shoot your pictures! i love the pastel colored doors in the background. and the bag is definitely a found, soo cute!

<3 steffy

chantilly :

oh wow, that is the perfect bag! lucky score- i've been looking for one like that, myself.

Maria Ramona :

I have that bag too but in beige--it looks sort of small but fits everything! It's my favorite bag for thrifting and flea markets. You sure scored a deal!

Rachel :

Wow, that bag was such a great find!

Annebeth :

congratulations!!! haha the comparison of the old picture and you, so cute. I have one of me in a ballerina dress (and I also have the haircut I had back then once again), so adorable :D

great bag and hat indeed!

Victoria :

Gorgeous outfit, the waistcoat is something I wouldn't have looked twice at in a shop but it works so well with the dress and the colourings are perfect.

Love your blog, can't believe I've only just found it xxx

gee :

what a great find on your purse. i love it. <3
happy 26th birthday love..!!!! (tomorrow.. :P)
hope you have an amazing day!!
i love the picture of you when you were younger!
we never really change that much do we..!? :)

Jenni :

Aw, happy day before your birthday! Man, sweet deal on that bag... I love D&B, and that's gotta be one of the best D&B bags I've seen. The color is perfect.

Green Tea and Cupcakes :

Great find with the bag and Happy Birthday :)

Meghan :

ooh happy birthday!! I love the cake colored walls, and that bag is perfection!! I hope you have a happy wonderful week!

Eli :

Hope you have a wonderful bday! what a pretty place to take a photo! Your post with the trees is amazing, I might add!

Your little kid photo is so cute! :)

Adam :

Okay, loving your blog & Love the style. Fabulous gals.

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella :

I have so many vests that I really need to use so this outfit is so inspiring for me right now! I love the hat with it too!

Anna :

happy birthday! great blog...
handmade jewelry

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Yay March babies, I also turn 26, on the 22nd of this month. I'm still looking for my vintage birthday dress, glad you have the tradition of finding one too.

Great bag, I like how roomy it is... I was fortunate to find a D & B for $5 last summer but it's not as big as yours!

Marusya V :

Happy birthday beautiful!
Great styling - colors, shapes and accessories! such a stylish blog - Great work girls ;)
Marusya V
p.s. Would love to stay in touch. fancy following each other?

augustalolita :

great outfit!! i love your vest and hat!! and adorable photos <3

Mo :

I am in love with this waistcoat - It's beautiful. really goes with the hat and makes the outfit.
Lovely blog too. xx

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Haha, you do have the same haircut! And it looks like you've been scoring bargains right, left and centre recently!

KellyAnn :

$3 D&B bag?! its such a great size, fabulous find!
that hat is way cute. it looks perfect on you. the color is very pretty with your hair too :)

KellyAnn :

forgot to add - have a fantastic Birthday! - hope it's not too cold up there for your celebrations!

Cole :

Since tomorrow is today, Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Kathleen :

That pic of you is the cutest!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday dear!! :)

islabell :

happy happy birthday! you were adorable.looking forward to party pics.
What a sweet find for 3 bucks. and your wool hat too.
The pastels on that parking garage are perfect.
Thrifting out of town for sure :) i would love that.