Birthday Tea Time

On Sunday, Matty and I hosted a small gathering to celebrate my 26th birthday. Unlike last year, I wanted to have a small afternoon birthday celebration. It was so lovely to have my favorite people over for dinner, cocktails, and cupcakes. We played parlor games, danced to records, and nibbled on sweets. It was an absolutely perfect afternoon surrounded by close friends (and some of my favorite ladies as well!) Nicole made my an amazing flower bouquet purse, Ashley gifted me some adorable bow shoe clips with rhinestones and a hair bow, Annalise gave me a perfect dress and a rabbit ring, Ashley and Jessica baked some delicious chocolate cookies, my dear friend Meredith made me a dress, and my best friend and I had a "best friend" date last Thursday! I couldn't ask for more perfect gifts.

This dress is dreamy, isn't it? I purchased it at Held Over in the Haight, one of my most beloved vintage stores in San Francisco. I was particularly inspired by Edwardian pieces and lace. I think this dress is perfect. To compliment the outfit, I made the flower crown and added the marigold bow sash. The flower crown is made from vintage plastic flowers from the 1960's. With the left over flowers, I made individualized brooches as party favors. And thank you to everyone for the warm birthday wishes! It really made my birthday special.

Dress: 1960's Vintage, via Held Over
Shoes: Thrifted
Flower Crown: Made by me (message me if you are interested in having one made for you)

And don't forget to enter our Giveaway. I made the jewelry with love.


Rachel :

Wow, your outfit looks absolutely amazing! Like a complete fairytale!

The Daily Fashionista :

You had a fantastic birthday!! I love the dress and the floral crown you're wearing. Happy Belated Birthday:)

Lydia :

I love this outfit! You look awesome. And such cute friends! Another blogger I follow had a day-time tea party for her birthday recently, and it's such a great idea.

Cheray :

Happy belated birthday!
What a wonderful looking party! I adore your dress and the flowers in your hair! too cute! (and you made party favours with the remaining flowers? ahhh I love it!)

Erika :

Wow, you and your friends are all so incredible beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Steffy's Pro's and Con's :

mmmm all the fruit and cupcakes look delicious, and your friends are all so stylish! i love that dress and cannot believe you made the hair crown! loooks like a perfect birthday :)

<3 steffy

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

You look fantastic! What an awesome birthday celebration. In fact, everyone looks fantastic, but it's your birthday so you get the crown!

Can I have a cupcake please? ; )

Maria Ramona :

there had to be more than just tea in those plastic cups! haha:)
what a beautiful birthday
celebration-- love your theme and your dress- you look like a doll.

chantilly :

happy birthday!

omg, the flowers in your hair... the dress... the cupcakes... EVERYTHING looks so perfect!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

What an amazing birthday and I'm jealous that all your friends are into vintage too!

Perfect dress! Amazing floral crown! My 26th birthday is next week and I'm planning on wearing a vintage floral headpiece too.

Annie, Time Enough for Drums :

This is too sweet! Looks like you all had a blast.

Jenni :

Happy birthday! You look adorable. I LOVE your dress. What perfect party.

gee :

absolulty beautiful dress. it looks perfect on you! <3
i want to have a tea party looks like such a wonderful time.

Meredith M - Headmistress :

So beautiful! It was an absolutely picture perfect birthday for sure. Love you!

Meghan :

happy belated birthday! you look so pretty, and the party looks fun!

maggeygrace :

You look GORGEOUS! I agree, you look like you walked straight out of a fairytale and I'm so jealous of all that lace! You look so, so happy:) It's contagious! I love your crown, too.

Marisa Violeta :

That looks like an amazing birthday!
You all look perfect and your floral crown is perfect!

Cole :

Your outfit is perfect for a birthday! It looks like you had an awesome time! :

Oh my gosh why can't my friends have magical birthday parties like these!? All of you look so wonderful and I adore the wreath in your hair!



Nice pictures !
Visit my blog and follow me if you want xx

elanor, :

looks like such a fun time! and your outfit is darling. i LOVE the flower crown.


KellyAnn :

thos sleeves are stunning! what a great style. love all that lace. you look like you had a great Birthday celebration :)

cat forrest :

so beautiful! everyone just looks perfect. sorry i didn't make it!

mary van note :

what a beautiful celebration! you look great! happy birthday! i wish i could've been there!

jamie :

happy birthday pretty lady!

islabell :

looks like you guys had a ball. I love that crown you made...and what an adorable dress.

low key with friends is always better.


Eli :

these are the cutest photos ever, Happy bday! You look fantastic, what a perfect birthday dress!

Rebeccak :

Happy Birthday! It looks like the perfect afternoon :)

Pink Rock and Fashion :

Lovely pics, I love you lace dress! Happy birthday to you!!!


you girls look like you're having so much fun! love your dress too :)

Sophie - Country girl :

It looks like you had an awesome party! Fab cakes flowers and outfit. Thanks for visiting my blog, maybe we should follow each other?

Leah :

Huuum all that food look so yummy ! make me hungry ;)

xx, Leah.