Brick Bones

I've had this vintage knit top since my high school days and it's always been one of my favorites. There are tiny little metallic beads sewn into the design (though I am missing a couple) that add such a delicate touch. I also love the 3/4 length sleeves and scalloped neck line. I decided to wear it with the midi-length polka-dot skirt I got at the flea market at the beginning of the month. You can't see it in all of the pictures, but I also have polka-dots on my tights. Double polka-dots all the way! (Has anyone else seen the Double Rainbow guy on youtube? I can't stop laughing.) 

Black knit sweater: vintage
Polka-dot midi skirt: flea market
Black woven belt: thrifted
Polka-dot tights: H&M
Black oxfords: Steve Madden
Owl bag: Wasteland

I had to include a close up of my sweater to show you all the little details.

All photos by Matthew Rice.


Views From My Window :

lovely outfit! and cute clothes again!
love it! ;)

Rachel :

This outfit has so many pretty little details; looks fantastic. :D

Pink Rock and Fashion :

Great outfit, I love your owl bag, so cute!!
xxx from Spain

kittenhood :

oh wow, this purse is gorgeosus!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

The sweater and skirt are really cute... but I'm just spluttering with happiness over your bag!

Chelseabird :

I just adore your tights and pretty shoes!

Steffy's Pro's and Con's :

that bag is so so silly and cute! i love it! and love the shoes!

<3 steffy

Meghan :

this is too cute, and I love dots on dots!

blorange dice :

haha that double rainbow video is soo funny, i always laugh so much when i watch it. you guys are so cute!! i'm following you now. (: and i'm diggin the owl purse! that thing is awesome!

Star-Light :

wow amazing outfit!
that bag is just so cool!!

i follow now!! follow me back ;) <3

celita :

this is so nice!!!follow you!!!

Nicoletta :

That top is really amazing.
All these photos are beautiful!
You have a new follower :)

Rebeccak :

Yay for double spots! I swear I have those exact tights - but they are a bit torn from too much love. Weird, cause we don't have H&M here - so I wonder where I found them?

Kathleen :

I love this outfit and especially how the red in your bag, your tights and your hair all tie in together. So lovely!

Michal :

Starting to look like triple polka dots!! haha Sorry I couldn't resist. That's like my most favorite youtube vid ever. I really love this outfit though. Such wonderful details & I love how your hair matches your purse which matches your tights- perfect.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Polka dots are always a favorite of mine. I like the detailing on your sweater and the fact that you have worn it since high school.

The owl purse is AMAZING, I've never seen one like it.

The Daily Fashionista :

What does it mean?!!! hahaha!! I love that video! My friends had a double rainbow party back in September and it was pretty rad.

Your double polka dots are fantastic! That skirt is very pretty and I'm loving those tights. And your bag!!! Love that too!

Teresa :

Oh, that owl purse is the best! I saw a green one a while back on another blog. Sooo cute!


Carrie at La Rizada :

gorgeous! love the bag.

islabell :

The missions the greatest. i feel so lucky living here.
That sweater is so sweet dude, its awesome when you have something forever, and you change....and change how you wear it.
p.s. just looked up the double rainbow guy AHHHHHH amazing, i can't stop laughing. Have you seen the fainting kittens yet? it!

Cole :

I love the double polka dots! That sweater is fab!

Two Happy Hearts :

ummm....your owl bag is THE CUTEST!! it has so much personality ;)


thanks for stopping by my blog! that owl bag is seriously one of a kind! it's so awesome!

Mirela :

Very cute outfit, great!

Like yoúr blog a lot!


Beatrice :

your owl purse is amazing!!! ^,^

Jenni :

Oh my God, that purse! How killer is that?