My Sentimental Melody

It's been raining in San Francisco for the past week or so. I am usually bundled up for these dreary conditions, but the sun peeked through the clouds for a couple of hours. With the warmer weather, I excitedly left the house with no tights, sandals, and a sleeveless shirt. Perhaps this was wishful thinking, especially since it was a little bit chilly during our walk for morning coffee. But at least I could pretend it was Spring!

I am quite lucky to have some photographs with my darling Matty today. I think Matty has such an amazing sense of style.  I met him in 2007 when he was a buyer at Buffalo Exchange in Berkeley, CA. I walked into the store to sell some clothes and he complimented me on my tiger shirt (which I still have for sentimental memories). He asked for my number and I shyly gave it to him. Three and a half years later, we are still having many happy adventures together.

Matty has gone through many fashion changes. In 2007, he was more into jeans and vintage tees. He now has a more polished vintage look, with his slim slacks, ties, blazers, and wingtip shoes. I think of him as a little businessman, especially when he wears suspenders. I feel quite lucky to have a partner who loves fashion as much as I do (even if we fight over closet space).

Skirt: Thrifted
Hat: 1970's Vintage, via Mission Thrift
Platforms: 1970's Vintage
Shirt: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted
Fox Brooch: 1950's Vintage, via Alameda Flea Market


ChiccaStyle :

You look great, so chic!!!Love your hat!

Rachel :

You both look so great! It's awesome that you both enjoy shopping and vintage. :)

Steffys Pros and Cons :

what cuties! your bag is to dieee for and i love that hat! so put together as always :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Two Happy Hearts :

adorable!! i admire that everything you're wearing was thrifted. you make it look so wonderful :D

Kennedy :

im obsessed with your hat, that bag, and your platforms! they are all perfect!

Jenni :

Aw, that's so cute! I love hearing how people met their partners.
This outfit is pretty awesome. I love the bag, the skirt, the hat... Pretty much everything. :D

Beatrice :

wow, that bag is sooooo good!! what a great find! ^,^
you and your boy are so cute and stylish!

jamie :

love buffalo exchange! i was just on telegraph this past weekend. hes got style alright! and uhhhh.. youre fricking hella cute :)

Lydia :

Aw you guys are cute!! I like his little rolled up pants.

Renée :

your legs look amazing! And I like your skirt!

Michal :

You guys are too adorable!! You both look awesome. I love your skirt. ^_^

jess :

I love your hat.

are you dressing up or dressing down :

im so happy to have found your blog!

Helen, X


great photo:)


Erin and Caroline :

Beautiful thrifted finds! Love the bag! :D

- Caroline (

elanor, :

i'm in love with your purse!
...AND your hat!


Ashley Ording :

Cuuuuuteness. Love that last one the best... you little lovebirds.

wardrobeexperience :

lovwe your outfit. so cute.

Maria Ramona :

i love how you met a Buffalo Exchange-- I bet he made sure to buy every single piece of your clothing!

Lilaanaa - Anna Onopiuk :

great skirt colour

Stefany :

Gorgeous outfit, love the bag x

Charlotte :

ahhh the story of how you met is adorable :]]]
thank you for leaving me such a lovely comment on my blog- I will definitely be following you now. Your blog is beautiful :]]

Charlotte xxx

Chelsea Elizabeth. :

It doesnt feel too much like Spring here in PA either. But you look so lovely. You both have amazing style. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Lexie :

I love EVERYTHING about this look... especially the skirt and bag! The hat really finishes off the look - so perfect for spring!

Box Moon Babble :

You both look amazing! You have great style


Kathleen :

Your post made my day! I love meet cute relationship stories. The outfit is lovely, especially the bag. Makes me anxious for spring. I'm so sick of sweater tights and lugging my umbrella around, ahhh!

GretchTM :

This outfit is super cute. The top is so classy and I adore your bag. Cute story about you and Matty. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm now following your lovely blog. :)

LikeSpinningPlates :

This outfit is so cuteeee! i love your bag and the color of your hat is so pretty. Love these pics. =)

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Best meeting story EVER. It's also amazing that he loves vintage fashion too, you're so lucky!

Your outfit is amazing as usual, I can't believe you found '70s platform sandals & that hat is such a gorgeous hue.

gee :

you both seriously look perfect together.
i love both of your outfits. i have a thing for husband will NEVER wear them though..blah! haha..

Meghan :

aw you too are so cute! I love your shoes ;)

Nicole✗✗ :

Such a cute outfit!! I love the pleated skirt!!

Annebeth :

aaaaaaaah you two are adorable! I love your boy's style, you guys look perfect together :) also, I love how that skirt fits the curve of your hip, very sexy :D

Annebeth :

aaaaaaaah you two are adorable! I love your boy's style, you guys look perfect together :) also, I love how that skirt fits the curve of your hip, very sexy :D

Rebeccak :

What a stylish gent!

I love your pleated skirt - I want more pleats in my wardrobe!

jessie :

i love your shirt, skirt, and belt combination! too cute :)

and you two look great together!

islabell :

You nailed this look dude. Seriously. Everything about it is perfect....and then the bag just ties it all together.

Matty looks so handsom in his suspenders! You guys make an adorable couple.


Laura :

lovely outfit! i'll put it in my sunday favorite's for this week for sure!!


Hannah :

lovely skirt!

thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Raquel :

You look perfect! Love everything about this outfit of yours.

Subversive Lulú :

Your blog is really beautiful, And you have a very unique style.
Thank you for visiting my blog!.
Lets keep in touch. :)