Strange Ways

I could barely contain my excitement when I found out that The Craft was playing at the Castro theater last night. In middle school, I was obsessed with Sarah Bailey, the film's leading lady. Having just moved from San Francisco to Los Angles, Sarah enrolls in a Catholic school but has trouble fitting in. She befriends a group of three misfit girls and becomes the fourth member of their witches coven. Turmoil ensues when some of the girls use magic for their own personal gain. But you will have to watch the movie to find out all of the details. I don't want to give anything away!

In honor of my sixth grade obsession, my outfit is inspired by Sarah's quintessential 1990s style. I added some contemporary touches to the ensemble, such as this reconstructed mini dress and my black booties. I had to wear my tiger's eye pendant in the hopes of casting some spells after the movie. We'll see if those spells work out. I don't think I have Sarah's hidden magical powers....

Dress: Reconstructed by me
Jacket: 1970's Vintage
Black Booties: 1980's Vintage
Leather Purse: 1980's Vintage
Pendant: 1960's Vintage
Tights: American Apparel


Lydia :

Your vintage looks so fresh here. You know what they say, what's old is new again. Nice post! Gotta love "The Craft" for 90's/witchy fashion inspiration.

Em :

You look really great! Love how you styled the whole look. I had totally forgotten about that movie--it does have some fun 90s fashion--good times. I love natural gem jewelry--glad it's making a comeback.

ching :

oh gosh i rmmber that movie.. i was pretty scared by it.hahaand you look great!

Maria Ramona :

I love the castro-- what a great place to see the flick! one of my 2011 resulutions is too see more movies there. (I set some pretty lofty goals in 2011! haha)

head over heels :

i'm in love with your coat and dress! i haven't seen the craft for ages - such an awesome film :) x


So cute! I can tell you're seriously invoking your inner witchy grunge style spirit here. xo.

Star-Light :

love your jacket!

Two Happy Hearts :

haha so fun! i haven't seen that movie, but you definitely have me intrigued ;) i love your 90s-inspired outfit too....very cute.

Carys :

My friends often talk about 'The Craft' but I've never seen it, I should watch it sometime. I love your dress, and that coat is amaizng!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Milla :

The Craft is awesome, it's funny how some movies just become part of your memories of the era... I love how you put together a theme outfit. Totally guilty of doing that at times. You look very appropriately dressed and gorgeous.

Jenni :

I love "The Craft"! I love how you interpreted it! That floral dress is perfect!

Myriam S :

That dress is so rad, it's pretty difficult finding vintage florals that aren't fugly. And! You've perfectly captured the essence of "The Craft."

Love love love!
Myriam from Myriad of Mischief
♥ ♥ ♥

gee :

i remember when The Craft came out..i LOVED that movie and still do. :) it never gets old.
you look beautiful..your coat is all kinds of wonderful.
have a wonderful weekend.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I've never seen the movie, I'm going to see if it is available on Netflix!

Adorable outfit, I like that you dressed 90s in honor of the film. Good work on reconstructing the dress too!

Meghan :

wow I might need to see if The Craft is on netflix! I love the photo you posted, the clothes! The sunglasses!
I love that movie as well, though for some reason I was more obsessed with Fairuza Balk and her enormous mouth (I wonder what happened to her?). Sarah Bailey's nose is tiny and cute which of course I can't relate too ;)

You look way better in your little flowery dress and boots

Annebeth :

that coat is THE SHIT and I LOVE the craft. My fave was always Fairuza Balk, such a cool character with awesome style to boot!

Anieblu :

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i doscover on your a real fantastic and lovely place love it!!
My hat is a pressetn from mummy, from a vintage shop clos to my work:)

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Green Tea and Cupcakes :

Love your coat it's beautiful. The Craft was such a awesome movie, they don't make them like that anymore :)

Rachel :

Beautiful ensemble! I love themed outfits. :D

Maycie (pending new last name) :

Loved The Craft. My cousin would spend the night every weekend and we would watch it. So embarrassed to say, but we even got a few girlfriends together to play "light as a feather stiff as board". I know, I know. Creepy right? Those were the days...

Great post.

MJ {The Honeypie Archives} :

I love the poses and your hair. Awesome, awesome, and the shoes are awesome.

LO' :

Nice blog !


A Certain Vintage :

ahh love a bit of 90s sister used to adore The Craft! your outfit is beautiful, the coat, the boots, your bangs! wish i could pull a haircut like this off.

Beautiful blog design too, love!

I'm having a little giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

Luchie :

you have a beautiful blog, and your dress is so cute :)

following you now :)

fritha louise :

I love your outfit, especially the dress. It's perfect 90s grunge!
I love The Craft. I think it was the main inspiration behind my wardrobe for winter which was mainly 90s-inspired grunge-y pieces.

Sophie :

That coat is amazing! I love it!

Mary Lee :

love this outfit! great pictures too :)

hope you'll visit/follow

Hannah :

love your coat and LOVE the craft, such a good film even though the end used to kind of scare me when i was younger

Bow Dream Nation xx

JustLikeJasper♥ :

Love your outfit <3

Phara :

Beautiful dress, it looks amazing on you! (gorgeous coat too :))
Thanks for yr sweet comment on my blog.

islabell :

I missed it! that movie is bomb and I love the castro theatre. The old organ playing as you find your seats. sigh.

Your jacket is to die for....the colour...the shape...everything.

hope you had a lovely weekend lady!

KellyAnn :

that coat is 1000x chic'r thatn anything the 90s turned out! and i love the booties. (I still think when Nancy is floating and only the toes of her boots are dragging on the floor is super creepy!)

Chaucee :

This is such a great dress! Love the colors.