It's raining outside this morning, however when I took these pictures it was warm and I even got to sit in the park and enjoy it. But now it's Monday, and back to work we go. I woke up fairly early on Saturday and got the thrift store by my house just as they were opening. I found some lovely things for myself and for the shop! In these pictures I'm wearing my "new to me" green midi dress and white knit vest. I love the way it drapes and falls. The belt is thrifted and I wore it to give myself a little shape. My Miz Mooz boots never fail and I always get questions about where I got them. I love the  thrifted deer necklace which I think is from Avon. You can open it up and there is perfume inside (but it kind of smells like an old lady. heehee). Anyway, the weekend was fun, especially Jenny's birthday party last night (pictures to come soon). I don't remember leaving her house so I hope I didn't make too much of a fool of myself. eep! 


Bird On A Wire :

Hi Anna, thanks you for the lovely comment on my blog! Been scrolling through yours and its really lovely. Love your style, I'm now a follower!± Would love you to follow me too Keep up the good work. Speak soon. xx

Rachel :

I love the way you layered the items and accessories; it's very pretty and the colors look wonderful on you!

chantilly :

the outfit is great, but i'm in love with the curtains! are they vintage??


Nicoletta :

That white knit vest is really beautiful, can't stop staring at it!
Amazing outfit :)

Jenni :

These pictures are beautiful. You look great, and I love the deer necklace!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I love how your animals are creeping into the pictures and the sneak peek of your apartment.

The deer necklace is darling, I have a similar owl one from Avon, I don't ever open it though as I hate the smell of the perfume!

KellyAnn :

that deer necklace is superb! that is holds perfume is even awesomer - too bad it couldn't be non-granny style prefume :)

Winnie :

Love this outfit and that necklace is amazing! Too bad the perfume is granny-ish, could you replace it?

gee :

such beautiful pictures.
i love the first one.
the dress looks so lovely on you.
have a wonderful week love.

Jaclyn :

That necklace is so cute, such a good find. Beautiful photos too.

Lydia :

I love that you have a bull's skull just chillin with your plants.

Lydia :

I love that you have a bull's skull just chillin with your plants.

blorange dice :

oh, you look sooo pretty! i love how these indoor photos turned out. and that shade of green looks lovely on you (:

Lucy, Dear Fish :

I love your hair color, it's gorgeous! This dress goes with it really well, like two pretty jewel tones!

LO' :

Thanks a lot for your lovely comment, I'm glad you like it :D


islabell :

that dress! what a sweet find. i those those mornings when you wonder into a thrift store and had no idea what treasures were waiting for you.
also! the necklace is darling.

think its suppost to rain all week :(
stay dry


detailsjuliette :

I love these photos and the outfit, the lightening was beautiful!

Milla :

Happy Happy Happy Belated Birthday! You look lovely of course and what fun to have a shindig to match your dress. These days, everybody needs a shindig.

Kathleen :

Aww I love your view, your kitty and your doggie! That's the one thing missing in my life: gal's best friend. :)