Velvet Burnout

I hustled straight over to Jenny's house (my old apartment) after work Monday to plan our up coming photoshoot. This of course lead straight into playing dress up in her closet. One of her latest purchases was this green velvet burnout shirt. Amazing!! It's similar to some of the Winter Kate pieces I've been lusting after, but refuse to fork over the money for. Jenny always has the best luck. I'm not sure if it's because of how often she goes thrifting, or because of the areas she goes to in her search for vintage. Whatever the reason her closet is always full of covet-able gorgeous clothing I want to keep all for myself. I'm so lucky to have a friend gracious enough to let me drool all over her closet. 

We got up to the roof just as the sun was setting over the city. We were both holding on to our hats with the hopes that we could keep them from flying off of our heads and over the edge to land on the street below. Believe me, it was quite gusty and not just a little chilly.  Back inside I was lucky enough to be treated to a delicious dinner thanks to Chef Matty. Beans, rice, a Mexican stir fry with tempeh and home made salsa! (I helped by chopping the cilantro.) So much goodness happens when I hang out with those two. Love you guys!

Black crochet dress: Buffalo Exchange
Green velvet burnout shirt: Salvation Army
Black boots: Savers
Necklace: Salvation Army
Black hat: Salvation Army
Tights: American Apparel

Thanks to Jenny for all the awesome photography. xoxo


Rachel :

Beautiful dress, the pattern is so pretty and interesting. :D

Maria E. :

I love the sun rays in the last pic. :) Cute outfit! :)

-- Maria

Steffy's Pro's and Con's :

i love love the lighting in these, and those shoes are to die for. you girls are so cute!

<3 steffy

Thekla :


Maria Ramona :

loving your poses and looking adorable as usual--

p.s. I just added you to my blogroll--you two girls are the most darling pair. so proud that you're local! :)

Rebecca :

loving the textures today!

Amber Blue Bird :

these photos came out great and your hat is awesome, glad it didnt blow away :)

Carys :

The sunflare in these pictures is amazing, and I love the outfit too!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Rebecca :

I'm always jealous of bloggers who can take roof top pictures.

Rebeccak :

Oooh - I love the greenw ith the red of your hair. Stunning.

Virginie Lavallée Bélanger :

I love roof tops and sunsets!

Virginie's Cinema

Meghan :

this is so cute, I love the sweater and location, and the dinner sounds delicious!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark :

Ahhh I'm obsessed with green velvet right now. The pictures are stunning. Thanks for stopping by and sharing about your trip to Guatemala. What was your favorite thing you did there? Any advice to future adventurers?
PS-I'm a pisces too (its in your profile), happy almost birthday!

maggeygrace :

I am lovvving the velvet. I'm so jealous! I need some velvet lovin in my closet...badly!

kate maggie :

I love everything about this I hardly know where to begin. I miss Savers!! I remember going there in Melbourne and spending literally 3 hours there. So good. You are gorgeous lady...and I love your boots!!! xo

Beti :

great outfit and awesome photos!

Jenni Wells :

sunset photo sets are the best!

your velvet dress is gorgeous. I love the emerald hue

jamie :

beautiful photos, beautiful lady <3

Mamushka Marie :

ok. i'm thoroughly inspired. your blog is too good! i've been needing a good shot in the arm - so thank you!
psst...lil' ol dress giveaway from good style over at my blog -enter if you'd like darlings!