A Walk in the Park

 Sorry for the picture heavy post today, I'm just so excited to share these pictures with you. It feels a little narcissistic but besides taking photos, Matthew also made a little film of our outing. I think he is so talented in photography and film and (he'll probably be embarrassed for me writing this) I love to show off his skills. Feel free to check out his Tumblr.
It doesn't show in theses photos but little Oozora was being a naughty puppy!  The path was very muddy after all the rain San Francisco has been having and Oozora kept jumping up on me and getting her muddy little paws all over my jacket. Thank goodness it all came off easily as soon as I got home. I found this amazing jacket a while ago at The Salvation Army and instantly knew I had to have it. I love the color and the huge sleeves. It is so much fun to twirl around in!

The skirt and necklace are both from the flea market, but I got them on different trips. The owl necklace looks like it's from the 1970s. I love the way it swings back and forth on all it's little hinges. I was so bummed when I got to the park because my tights got a run and my necklace broke and I almost just gave up right then. But I'm glad we kept going and I hope it's not too obvious in the pictures or video. It was so much fun to make if you like it maybe I can convince Matthew to make another one.

Jacket: The Salvation Army
Owl Necklace: the flea market  
Lace top: thrifted 
Brown belt: thrifted
Skirt: the flea market
Brown boots: Miz Mooz

As you may know by know, Jenny and I love Fleetwood Mac and 1970s inspired outfits. For the video I wanted to use something a little more modern. Karin Dreijer Andersson is half of the Swedish band The Knife, and this song is from her solo album under the name Fever Ray. I love this song and felt like it fit the setting and mood perfectly. I would love to hear your thoughts about it too. What are you listening to at the moment? I always love to hear music I haven't heard before. XOXO


Steffy's Pro's and Con's :

beautiful outfit, i love the skirt it is such a perfect length and the boots are amazing! love the overcoat as well, it matches perfectly :)

<3 steffy

Rachel :

Beautiful outfit! I'm completely in love with your shoes, they're awesome!

Kirsty :

also a HUGE fleetwood mac fan, thanks for introducing me to the woman from the knife's solo stuff, i love it :) currently listening to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2peghEih74

:) x

Two Happy Hearts :

so great! i love everything about this....the photos, the outfit, the video. you ladies have impeccable taste!

Meghan :

I LOVE your boots, and the whole outfit is so good with your hair, the setting, the colors, aah!

A Certain Vintage :

70s, fleetwood mac, sweedish music, this outfit, owl necklace....love all of this!! thank you so much for your comment on my blog. come check out my giveaway at the minute :)


chloe :

Those shoes are incredible! I love this whole outfit, especially the owl necklace. It's all very woodsy and the colours are fabulous (match your hair!)

Cole :

I love the skirt & jacket. Absolutely perfect!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I love the earthy tones of the outfit & the woodsy setting. The huge owl necklace is amazing, I have a few segmented owl necklaces but yours is like their jumbo-sized cousin.

You're lucky to have such a talented photographer to document your outfits!!

blorange dice :

the jacket is wayyy cool!! haha and having a fashion blog can seem narcissistic sometimes, but it's totally not. at least to other bloggers haha

TrophyBoutique :

OMG I love your style. I wish I could dress like Stevie Nicks every friggin day of the year...there's this vintage store here in Austin that basically carries ONLY Stevie Nicks-style kimono jackets and I am developing a collection...I'm so into this look with the boots. I ruined two pairs of tights this week, too....

Lydia :

So cool. I love you guys last two posts.

kate maggie :

AMAZING! I love everything about this, especially the colors. You look so beautiful in brown..and those boots are to die for! xo

Sylvia :

such a beautiful video! your cape cardigan looks so gorgeous when you spin around ;)

&about the fashion book-- isn't it so lovely? I'm hoping that I'll make some new discoveries & be inspired!

Amira :

Like your blog! follow you) Follow me?

islabell :

Looks like Glen Park. I love that place.....and your boots....and fever ray :)

Mila :

Amazing,love this.

Rebeccak :

He is very talented! The light in both these shots and the film is wonderful! I particularly like the ones in dappled shade - like a Renoir painting!

Eli :

Loving the intense red of your hair! These photos are stunning and bright, very very well shot.

Hopefully you can fix your little owl

Electric Fantastic :

One of my favorite Fever Ray songs! You & Matthew did an amazing job with the video!! I love it so much.

Collections :

Love this skirt and these photos are absolutely beautiful!!


Kathleen :

You are so amazingly gorgeous! I love the pics and the video so much! Is this Golden Gate park, 'cause I love the wild feel of it. So lovely! Makes me want to go walk over there right now. :)