Walk like an Egyptian

Growing up, I had a deep fascination with ancient Egypt. I loved the book "The Egypt Game", read National Geographic articles about the area and even wanted to be an archeologist. The history of the Egyptian culture fascinated me and I wanted to know all of it's secrets. Hollywood also seems to have been a bit obsessed with ancient Egypt and Cleopatra since every other decade they had to have an Egyptian themed film. Some of the most beautiful women have played Cleopatra and I wanted to share them with you. The headdresses are amazing, are they not?

Theda Bara in Cleopatra (1917)
This film is said to be one of the most elaborate Hollywood films ever produced at that time because of the lavish costumes and sets.  The film cost the equivalent to around $8 million to make and employed 2,000 people behind the scenes. Do you notice the similarities to Princess Leia of Star Wars? Check out that snake bra! I love her heavy eye make up and and head pieces.

Claudette Colbert in Cleopatra (1934)
On July 9, 1937, after borrowing a copy of the film from the Fox office in New York, a fire at the storage facility destroyed almost all of Fox's known archived prints, including Cleopatra. The screening, on February 15, 1934, may have been the last time anyone saw the legendary film.
 Vivien Leigh in Caesar and Cleopatra (1945)
This movie was shot during WW2 which resulted in production being halted repeatedly due to bombings on England. The war also hampered the production's ability to get necessary materials, so the crew had to do the best they could. 

Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra (1963)
Despite being a critical failure, it won four Academy Awards. It was the highest grossing film of 1963, earning US $26 million, yet made a loss due to its cost of $44 million, the only film ever to be the highest grossing film of the year yet to run at a loss.

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Steffy's Pro's and Con's :

they're so intricate :)

<3 steffy

Rachel :

I used to be obsessed with Egypt when I was younger as well!
The pictures of old starlets as Cleopatra are really cool. I love the headdresses and the ornate makeup. X3

chantilly :

wow... what a stunner elizabeth taylor was, huh??

Tierney :

I loved this post--mostly because I was OBSESSED with that book The Egypt Game when I was younger. I think I knew more about Egyptian and Greek history than I did about American history when I was in elementary.

Have you heard anything about the newest Cleopatra reboot with Angelina Jolie? Say what you want about Angie, but I think she'll be a fierce Egyptian queen.

AnnaBananaCupcake :

Tierney, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who loved The Egypt Game. I would even force my little sister to act out scenes the way they did in the book. heehee.
I think Angelina will do a great job. She fits right in with being a regal beauty like all of the other women who have played Cleopatra in the past. I was reading an article about it and Angie seems to have a lot of respect for Cleopatra and wants to portray her as more than just a sex symbol. I love that!

Jenni :

This post is so great! I used to love Egyptian history--I think mostly because they loved cats so much. I felt like I would've fit right it. >D
Theda's snake bra=<3! Elizabeth Taylor's my favorite Cleopatra, though.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I definitely went through an Egyptian phase when I was younger too-- I wonder if a movie or some kind of archaeological discovery in the mid 90s prompted this fascination?

Love all the looks posted from the films, I want to netflix the 1963 one now, I've never seen it!

Electric Fantastic :

I will take one snake bra please.

Britty :

oh man this has to be the best post ever i love cleopatra and anything ancient Egyptian =]

Sophie - Country girl :

Awesome costumes. I was always really interested in egypt at schook.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

Theda Bara looks utterly mad, but I bet it was a pretty accurate portrayal of Cleopatra. ; D And I bet Vivian Leigh was along the right lines too. There is something fascinating about ancient Egypt, (and modern Egypt currently).

Lydia :

I would like to dress like this every day. Especially the look that involves just metal wrapped around my boobs.

Megan Hattie :

I love this post! So cool to see all of the different interpretations of Egyptian style. Love your blog!