Watson Schoolhouse

Watson School was built in 1856 and was active until the late 1960s. Located on Bodega Highway just outside of Sebastopol, the small schoolhouse is a reminder of northern California's rich history. In addition to its charming exterior, a white picket fence runs around the school's border. It is the ideal location for an afternoon picnic and a walk through the surrounding fields.

To commemorate my day spent exploring Watson School, I wore this charming 1970's prairie dress with my oversized sunhat. If you couldn't tell, I love wearing hats. And this vintage beauty was the perfect addition to my floral dress. I felt like Laura Wilder from Little House on the Prairie.

Dress: 1970's Vintage, via Wasteland
Hat: 1970's Vintage, Thrifted
Heels: 1970's Vintage
Necklace: Thrifted
Tights: American Apparel
Chamise: American Apparel

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All photographs by Noelle San Souci


The Daily Fashionista :

That dress is perfect!! It looks so warm and springy where you are. I really love the hat too.

And what a neat location to visit!

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

It was definitely the perfect outfit for a day at that schoolhouse! I love old schoolhouses, and recently I found one in London (and got thrown into a reconstruction of a Victorian lesson hehe) ; )

Steffy's Pro's and Con's :

can i live where you live?? it looks so beautiful!!!!! lovely as always, cute dress and love the hat!

<3 steffy

freesia :

Beautiful place, and beautiful look, absolutely adore the hat!!!!

Two Happy Hearts :

what a beautiful spot for photos! and i'm in love with your hat - i've been searching for one for this summer. it's pretty much a necessity ;) you pull it off SO well...i'm not sure i can do the same, but i'm gonna try! hehe

maggeygrace :

This is a BEAUTIFUL shoot!!! This is a location I would totally use. It's so gorgeous! I love your dress, too. The hat adds the perfect touch!!

gee :

like always i am in love with this whole look head to toe! i <3 this blog..so wonderful! :)
have a happy st. patricks day!

Star-Light :

you dress is a dream..i love it!

great pics!

i am following now..hope you´re follow back ;) <3


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I envious of this lovely photo spot, it's also so green! It's so brown here and still gloomy skies though it has gotten warmer.

Love the photo of you in front of the schoolhouse. The 1970s prairie out is amazing too, you're rockin' that hat.

Matthew :

Hello my lil country lady,
When I'm done milking the cows and you have finished getting the kids from the schoolhouse and giving them their sponge bath, we can cook up some some good ol' irish corned beef.
Farmer Matty

Jenni :

Gorgeous dress, and I love the photo spot! That school is beautiful. I love a little local history with my style blogs. :D

Meanz :

I love the floppy hat and the adorable floral dress! This is such a cute pairing.

- Meanz (Koi Story)

Brooke :

gorgeous outfit!!

Mandy Holstein :

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Love yours too and I'm now following!


Rachel :

Completely lovely! The colors are so light and airy! And the hat is beautiful as well. :)

Raquel :

The pictures are amazing, the setting is perfect and so is the dress, you look lovely!

Nicole✗✗ :

Gorgeous outfit!! I love the hat, I really need to get my hands on one of those. Great pictures!!

Thanks for stopping by my site!! I'm following!

Allie :

Great outfit! Love the dress!
xx Allie

jamie :

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! i'll be in berkeley all weekend long.. i hope the weather stays pretty <3 you look absolutely pretty in this post :)

Meghan :

what a glorious hat and dress! I'm jealous of your access to a Wasteland ;)

jamie-lee :

Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous! I adore your outfit x

audelia :

gorgeous xo


I V Y :

this is so cuteeeeee. i love your hat! floppy hats are the best.

check out my blog and follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat x

Annebeth :

oh yes, such a perfect modern take on little house on the prairy! one of my fave posts of yours yet!

Courtney :

That dress is absolutely lovely,REALLY suits you! You've got a lovely blog,now following :) xx

A Certain Vintage :

i seriously can't get enough of your blog at the minute...these photos are all so beautiful. the old schoolhouse is very charming, beautiful backdrop for a photo!

Christy :

Everything is just right about these photos--from that perfect little schoolhouse, to your breezy floral dress. There's a similar schoolhouse a few minutes from my house, and I kind of want to take a few outfit snapshots there now!

veronika, tick tock vintage. :

wow, this is right up my alley. i love historic buildings, particularly schoolhouses (we have plenty of them where i grew up in pennsylvania). the landscape is beautiful, as is that dress.

Karly :

Lovely outfit!The dress is wonderful:)
Thanks for the comment^^

Victoria / Justice Pirate :

what a gorgeous dress and amazing location too!!!! I love it.

Rebeccak :

That look is perfect for the light bleeding in from behind.
Because of my research, these days I see a school house and take anote and start thinking about how it might fit into my thesis! But I do love their old modest architecture. :)

islabell :

Your dress is darling. I love this whole look and the school house. I've been hunting for a hat like that for ages!

Stef / Diversions :

Looking lovely! The dress is beautiful on you and the hat and pendant are great touches :)

Marisa Violeta :

That is such a beautiful beautiful place! And your dress is really cute and you look gorgeous as usual :)

liz :

I love that dress with the necklace, it fits perfectly! And super cute hat :)

Ms. Miguel :

Are you planning to sell this dress? (becausewordsloveme@yahoo.com)

Ms. Miguel :

Are you planning to sell this dress? (becausewordsloveme@yahoo.com)