What We Love

1. Pendelton for Opening Ceremony
I adore Pendelton. I bought a beautiful cherry red Pendelton cropped jacket from a vintage store many years ago and it is still one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. So when I first saw the Pendelton/Opening Ceremony collaboration, I was immediately in love. The classic cut of the clothing, the bright Southwestern-inspired patterns, and the excellent craftsmanship make this collection perfect for the Spring. For me, these pieces tell a story- one inspired by ancient designs and legends of America's past.  -Jenny-

2. Desert Bloom in Death Valley

Death Valley is famous for their spectacular Spring wildflower displays. Only under perfect weather conditions does the desert fill with a magical sea of yellow, blue, violet, and pink flowers. Last March, I was lucky enough to experience this surreal desert bloom while camping in the Saline Valley. The image of a once barren desert covered in a vibrant expanse of flowers is a constant source of inspiration for my art, design, and fashion.  -Jenny-

3. Desert Dreaming 
During the summer of 2008, I traveled throughout the American Southwest on a two week road trip. The expanse of the desert was actually quite serene. I loved the vibrant colors, cacti, and Joshua Trees. I would very much like to return (hopefully at the end of this month) and explore more of the desert landscape. To prepare for the trip, I made an outfit on Polyvore that I would wear on this adventure. Can you believe that this is the first time I used Polyvore? It was quite a lot of fun! -Jenny-

4. Spell and the Gypsy Collective 

I actually have just lately discovered this blog. Every time I visit I'm blown away by their beautiful photographs and creative inspiration. There's a lovely mesh of rock and roll edge with a native bohemian vibe. The blog is written (as far as I can tell) by two sisters who make the most incredible jewelry, clothing and more. -Annalise-

5. Turquoise 

One of the most beautiful stones to wear in my opinion. Turquoise has an earthy, romantic feel and when paired with silver, it can do no wrong. In rings, necklaces, earrings and hair pieces, turquoise is a show stopping gem.  Honored by the native Americans as a sacred stone, the gemstone absorbs negativity, transmuting it into useful energy. It also helps you to become one with the universe. -Annalise-

6. Roberto Cavalli Fall 2011

Now let me start by saying I am not a fan of Roberto Cavalli per se. He's far too tan for my tastes. But this collection is so full of things I love, how could I deny it. There's fringe, feathers, layers, maxi dresses, velvet burnout, boots, texture, pattern on pattern and...need I go on? Just such beautiful work I couldn't stop checking out all the little details on every outfit.   -Annalise-


Steffy's Pro's and Con's :

i wanna go to desert bloom in death valley it looks so pretty :)

<3 steffy

blorange dice :

oh my gosh, i am now officially dying since i don't have one of those cool patterned pieces. they are tooo incredible!

islabell :

pendleton, death valley, turquoise! ahhhhh. yes! :) x

Jenni Wells :

I am diggin all things tribal right now. Especially native inspired jewelry.


Collections :

that pendelton for opening ceremony stuff is just too gorgeous. I wish i had tons of money I would literally spend it all on that. The colors in the patterns, the patterns themselves its all perfection.


Eli :

Im just hoping some of the Pendelton stuff ends up in SF in Buffalo exchange/wasteland by accident! I got to see it in person in the LA Opening Ceremony, the pictures never do it justice.

I'm also embarrassed to say that the five years I lived in Vegas I never saw the desert bloom! Kind of bummed about it now

Andreea :

Awesome,i love those turquoise stones!

♥ kisses ♥