I've had the travel itch for a couple of weeks now. I'm so excited for my visit to North Carolina at the end of May. Matthew and I are catching a plane after work on a Thursday and going to spend a week on the Outer Banks with his family. The house we're staying at is situated on the coast and has wild mustangs running free around the home's 3 acres.  I still have over a month before we leave but I'm dreaming about this trip more and more. Until then I'll have to be satisfied with discovering new places here in my own city of San Francisco. 

One day after work Jen took me to the coolest place near the Golden Gate Bridge where there is the abandoned armory. They are on this cliff with a really amazing view and neat places to explore. We found this huge cracked wall that curved around a big metal trap door. There were little plants growing up through the gaps in the concrete and lichen sprouting on the walls. My outfit was the perfect urban safari uniform for scrambling up the ladders and on to the cliffs. I really love the print on this dress and I'm having trouble not wanting to wear it every time I leave the house.

Dress: Thrifted
Hat: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Bangle: Thrifted
Necklace: Thrifted
Listening to: Baby I Need Your Loving/ Johnny Rivers


Rebeccak :

I love both the print and colour of your dress!
I love having a holiday to look forward to... do you find everything at home seems a little more exciting now there is something new on the horizon?

sarah nicole :

Love that dress, and you accessorized it perfectly!

I hope you have a good time in NC. I totally understand that itch to see new things.



Louise :

Gorgeous photos, I really like the flare in the second one. Also, that dress has the best pattern. :)

Steffys Pros and Cons :

have fun in north carolina! i miss travel as well. i love this vintage outfit, the bag is amazing!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Pretty Things :

great outfit, love the designs on your shoes, sounds like your going to have lots of fun on your trip


29 Skirts :

Awesome location. The print and silhouette of the dress are great, and I love the velvety-looking belt and beautifully detailed shoes.

Lydia :

I think this is my favorite outfit of yours I've seen. I love this dress! And this place is so cool!

Cheray Natalie... :

what a perfect place to take photos!
Your end of May holiday sounds amazing! No wonder you can't stop dreaming about it :)
Such a gorgeous dress too x

LikeSpinningPlates :

wow I love the deep cranberry color of that dress and belt. Looks really pretty on you and goes great with all the accessories here. Especially that necklace!

JennaStevie :

I am in love with the print of this dress, and those shoes!! It's so interesting to explore and find new places to take pictures. This is cool.

Mrs Vintage :

Love yr hat!! SO chic!1

Plumeuphoria :

Yay! Feather extensions! love! I sell those at my shop!

Nicole F.

Life by Wyetha :

I just love that handbag...lovely.

Carys :

I love the dress and hat, such a cute outfit!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

GretchTM :

Awesome location for photos! I really like your dress. It's adorable!

jamie :

i mean.. breathtaking!

Lace n Coffee :

These are stunning photos. We have holiday plans for New York in June and I just can't wait.

Views by Laura :

the shoes are amazing!
so lovely with the dress!!

gee :

you thrifted EVERYTHING!?! how amazing are you! :)
those shoes are such a wonderful find.
i am so happy that you get to go to NC ..
i love NC so much. it is such a beautiful state.
you are absolulty beautiful as always.<3
have a wonderful week love.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Huzzah for an entirely thrifted outfit, I especially like the color of your dress and the chunky beads of your necklace! I can understand your wanderlust, I love Chicago but get sick of our flat topography and not having access to an ocean. I'll be doing a lot of traveling in May too-- back home to Arkansas for a bit then a 2-week vacation to visit my mom's family in the Philippines.

blorange dice :

the cracked wall is SO cool!!!! and i just love the print on your dress. i'm jealous you found such a cool spot to take pictures!

Kavery :

Love the dress and the location too. You look lovely in that light. Following your blog now

Laura :

i LOVE your dress! so cute!! the photos are so lovely!


Ebony Bolt :

You look sweet

head over heels :

sounds like you have an amazing holiday to look forward to! love your hat and dress :) x

Monique :

The outerbanks is going to be fabulous. I love old abandoned places. Can't wait to explore some this summer. Your outfit is lovely. I love the color of your dress.

islabell :

oh now i know where you guys are! Theres a bunch of skate kids that go there some times. The old armories in marin headlands are amazing too.

On another note, Lady you look so safari chic. I love the hat with the print on that dress.

Apart from the golden gate bridge shots I think these are by far my favorite.


NodToStyle :

i have a travel bug that just won't quit....guess it's time to book a ticket. lovely dress lovely photos.

Stef / Diversions :

Gorgeous print and colour - the belt is a perfect match! Your trip sounds exciting. I am waiting hard for June when the husband and I are going to a festival. It's nice having something to count down to :)

Fashion Forestry :

Your hair is looking so long and pretty!

blakejacobsen :

I love the dress. Also, your hair looks extremely good in these photos!