Yellow and Blue. Me and You.

There are so many beautiful and amazing places in and around San Francisco that it's incredibly easy to over look many of them. I've lived in this wonderful city for eight years and I'm still discovering new places and new wonderful people. Although I love the sunny weather we've been having, with it comes the wind and allergies! I never had allergies until a couple years ago. Well, I'll brave through my allergies to explore new, nature wonderlands, what about you? How do you keep the sneezes away? 

 Some of you might remember this skirt. I wore it a few months ago in this post. I switched up the belt for one from my mom, and wore a bright golden yellow blouse instead of the cream top. New shoes and tights as well. I just love this navy cardigan with the colors in the skirt so I wore it again. I love to see the many ways one article of clothing can have so many lives. With a few tweaks and some different accessories, it can look quite different. 

I really love to wear vintage clothing and shop at thrift stores but just sometimes I love to check out the three story Forever21 downtown when I get off of work a little early. The accessories usually have something to catch my eye and there are some really fun pieces to find if you hunt around a bit. I try to wear one animal on me everyday, weather it be a print, feather earrings or a belt with a bird on it. It's a nice way to always have someone with you, sitting on your shoulder, being your friend. So sad that you can't see them here but there are little bug earrings hiding under there.  

Top: thrifted
Cardigan: UO
Belt: My Mom's
Skirt: F21
Tights: Anthropologie
Shoes: Jen's Closet


The Daily Fashionista :

This is so Fantastic!! I love the photos, the outfit and the story about keeping an animal near you in your outfits. I guess I do that too:) And Forever21 is like a worm hole that just sucks you in! My mall just opened a two story one and it beckons me every time I walk by it. As of late, I've bought 2 pairs sunglasses which I love:)

Mrs Vintage :

classic look XD

LikeSpinningPlates :

These colors are perfect! I love the orange/ yellow shade with navy blue. Pretty pictures! Those shoes are so cute too!

sartorial diary :

cute outfit!
i am loving the mustard top and the laser cutout oxfords!

Charlie, Feminine Bravery :

How cute with always carrying something with you, like little hidden bug earrings ^^

Love that skirt, looks adorable and suits you so well :)

Steffys Pros and Cons :

love your shoes, and adorable skirt!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

hattitude :

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

oh my gosh i can't wait to come to san Francisco in the summer!

thats so funny that you are going to read sarah's key, that is our next month's book! let me know how it is!

we should start a fashionista book club via the internet! i've heard of internet book clubs so people all over the world can join in on the discussions.
historical fiction is my favourite genre too!! have you read the outlander series by diana gabaldon?
talk soon wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

Carys :

The print of that skirt is so pretty, and I love the cut-out shapes in those shoes!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I wish I'd started my blog while still in L.A., California is just a perfect place to shoot! Love how you remixed the skirt, it looks so happy with the bright top.

When I visited SF I was shocked at the HUGE versions of F21/GAP/Old Navy/every other retail store that were downtown. It was rather overwhelming!

GretchTM :

Lovely skirt! Great outfit!

Aryn :

What a magical location! And, your floral skirt is just darling!

Cassie Nafziger :

I love this outfit--I would feel 100% comfy in it and the colors are so perfect together. Great shoes!! Much love!

TrophyBoutique :

Cute! I too love yellow and blue together. I was helping a lady find her interview outfit at Dress for Success yesterday and suggested this combo to her and she looked at me like I had 8 I am glad someone else understands!

JennaStevie :

I love this skirt!! Yellow and blue look really great together too. I love thrifting but where I live there are only a few shops, F21 gives you a similar thrill as thrifting though, you have to search and hunt arond to find hidden treasures.

Michal :

I love how you wear a lil animal each day. That is adorable! :) This outfit is really lovely. I went back to your other post, and it's amazing how different the skirt looks when paired with different colors! I love it. I just started getting allergies within the past few years too. No fun. D: I'm pretty sensitive to a lot of different medications, so for the most part I just brave it with a lot of tissues.

Nicole, Coco Maria :

Oh, this post made me miss San Francisco! You look absolutely lovely. I love the colors of your top and sweater, and that floral skirt is adorable :)

Star-Light :

lovely as always :)

Christy :

I think I love reading your blog posts just as much as I love looking at your outfits. And that's saying something, because your outfits are always just right! I've been really drawn to the color yellow lately, and that golden shade looks so pretty with your hair. And I need to find a similar pair of shoes before summer arrives here in Pennsylvania!

I think it's incredibly sweet that you try to wear one animal everyday. There's something so magical and childlike about having someone with you always. <3

Karen :

Love the colors in this outfit!! You look fabulous and the photos are amazing!!


Deni :

lovely outfit darling!

ps. I would like to invite you to the first giveaway on blog!


blorange dice :

love your tights! and that skirt is wonnnderful and seems like a really versatile piece. lovely photos!!

Amber Blue Bird :

oh my, i just adore your shoes

Shy, Chesterfield :

Looks seriously beautiful and lush there! I was just looking at a top like that! It is gorgeous and I love how you styled it!


Courtney :

Lovely girly look, cute skirt! x

Lauren :

That animal tidbit is cute! I really like that idea. Very pretty ensemble.

Rachel :

Your shoes are so amazing, I love all the little cut-outs!


Beautifully restyled. Love the mustard top & navy cardy, such a beautiful colour pairing. And I'm in love with your skirt + belt. xx veronika

Hello Again Vintage :

I love your outfit. Pretty color combinations dnd your mom's belt is a very nice touch. She must've been quite a fashionista too.


blakejacobsen :

Your photos are captivating. You look incredible in floral!

Brittany :

I love that top! I've been wanting to adventure to San Francisco :) it sounds amazing! And the huge F21--woah. I'd be so overwhelmed but would love it!

Rebeccak :

aw gorgeous - all that greenery - it is like a dysney film!

Monique :

Sorry to hear about your allergies. Sucks you went so many years without having them. Ahh Sanfrancisco is so awesome. One of my favorite cities. Lovely outfit. I love the subtle colors of your floral skirt and I agree. I also love vintage and from time to time F21. Have a good one lady.

Pretty Things :

such a cute outfit, love the tights and shoes


celita :

Nice vintage look, love the colour mix!!

Karin :

gosh I cannot tell you how much I love these beautiful...the green plant life works magic with the cute floral skirt
beautiful xxxx

islabell :

yes! that skirt is devine!!!.. and i still need to brave down town to prowl around forever 21. i love all this Ivy, you guys found a sweet spot, it looks like never never land or something


Annebeth :

beautiful once again, I love the colors you're wearing and the pictures are absolutely lovely :)