Floral Technicolor: Set I

These photographs are of my grandmother and grandfather during the 1950's and 1960's. My grandmother was a talented painter and illustrator with a keen eye for design. After my father was born, she dabbled in photography to catalogue family celebrations and her travels around the world. Her newfound hobby materialized into 100s of carefully curated photographs of flowers, San Francisco, and close friends. There are no words to describe how beautiful I find these pictures. Her delicate poses, pastel dresses, and radiant smile are ever-present in each image. 
I selected some of my favorite  photographs from her collection to share with you. I will feature some of her pictures from time to time because I find them to be an incredible source of inspiration and beauty. My grandmother looks like a "vintage fashion blogger, " don't you think?


Miss Claire :

These are so beautiful. My favourite is the one of both of them standing in the field wearing a matching shirt & dress!

What a lovely thing to share...I can't wait for the next installment :)

Xox Claire

Nicoletta :

these photos are amazing, priceless, definately.
your grandma was beautiful and really looks like a vintage fashion blogger, you're right!

Carys :

These are so beautiful, I see what you mean about her looking like a vintage fashion blogger! I love seeing vintage photos that have been taken with such care and skill, these are just lovely, and your grandmother was so stylish!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Pretty Things :

beautiful photo's



Plumeuphoria :

These photographs are marvelous. There's nothing like remembering times like these.

So beautiful

Nicole F.

Rachel :

These photos are beautiful; it's so great that your family was able to hold onto them. :D

Lydia :

Gorgeous. I will be looking forward to more of these. Love love love this post. She totally looks like a fashion blogger!

laura :

Oh... these are just marvelous photos. Your grandmother is lovely. I can't stop staring at that first picture with those gigantic blossoms!

Thanks for sharing :)
hearts, laura♥
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Jazzy E (hivenn) :

Awh these are so beautiful. x hivenn

danniekate :

she was so talented! gorgeous photos, these are really something :) xx

sarah nicole :

Ooooh, the colors are just gorgeous. I love film.



JennaStevie :

I love these, beautiful photograpghs. Vintage photos are so ammazzing

Annebeth :

omg the picture of your grandparents wearing matching shirt and dress = FAB to the umphteenth degree!

29 Skirts :

These are amazing! You're lucky to have so many photos taken by your grandmother!

Nicole✗✗ :

These photos are amazing!! Your grandparents are soo cute and they had amazing style.

gee :

these are so amazing..full of such beautiful colors.
i am so glad you shared them with us.
the first one is my absolute favorite one.
she defiantly looks like a vintage fashion blogger.. :)

Steffys Pros and Cons :

omg she is so adorable!!! i love all of her outfits and the pictures are amazing!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Michal :

wow, so gorgeous! the colors are so vivid. post more! :)

Mrs Vintage :

Amazing pics!!


Rosie :

Wow, these are positively beautiful. I love the prints they're wearing together in the field - so romantic.
You're so lucky to have such wonderful inspiration,

Rosie x

Maria Ramona :

Wow, you can really tell that she was talented-- great compositions and so stylishly shot. A lovely source of inspiration, can't wait to see more from the collection!

Butterfly Bang :

Wow, what special photos. Your Gram Ma Ma is a very sharp dresser. I love the oleander pix. :)

Life by Wyetha :

I love that cool vintage building in the background.

Stef / Diversions :

Beautiful pictures. What a treasure! :)

Fashion Forestry :

Wow! Gorgeous!!! Genetics really do carry on taste!

blakejacobsen :

These images are beautiful! And yes, she does look like a vintage fashion blogger! How neat. :)