On The Road Again

Just outside of Santa Cruz, there is a little hidden beach off of the main highway. I've been a frequent visitor to the cove since college and relish the opportunity to head south for an oceanside trip. This past weekend was glorious at the beach. There was warm sunshine, a sea breeze, and the occasional seal that poked its head from the waves. With temperatures over 80 degrees, it was a much needed break from the dreary weather in San Francisco.

Warmer weather means sundresses and wide brimmed hats in my book. I recently thrifted this adorable checkered dress  from a local charity shop. It reminded me of springtime barbecues and drinking lemonade on my rooftop. I paired it with a simple brown belt, red vintage sandals, and the most amazing vintage elephant necklace. The elephant has large green eyes and moving feet! I think animal necklaces are just the cutest, don't you?

Dress: Thrifted
Hat: Thrifted
Shoes: Vintage, thrifted
Jute: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Sunglasses: Thrifted
Necklace: 1960's Vintage via Ebay
Listening to: Haiti/Arcade Fire


Steffys Pros and Cons :

perfect outfit for a sunny beachside roadtrip! i love the plaid and the straw bag is so cute :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Rebeccak :

Aw I am so jealous of you and your amazing vintage shoes. Please tell me you have tiny feet!

Bre :

Such a classic sunny day outfit. Love the hat and necklace. I found your guy's blog through Smation and I am loving it. It's very artsy and different. I am also very jealous ladies of your abilities to thrift.

Jazzy E (hivennn) :

Swoon. These are stunning. x hivennn

Life by Wyetha :

It's darling!

Lydia :

I love this one!! Super cute dress and I love those shoes.

Carys :

Beautiful pictures, and the gingham dress is adorable!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

JennaStevie :

Ohhh this is a beautiful outfit, perfect for warm days. Love the dress!! And your elephant necklace is really awesome!

Amber Blue Bird :

you look positively darling in this outfit. Its a perfect spring look from head to toe

GoodFrameofMind :

Oh my goodness. I adore this dress and hat! Such a great thrift finds. Sounds like a fabulous day :)

jamie :

ahh its been quite some time since ive been to santa cruz! you look amazing as always dear. and yes! animal necklaces are so very cute!

LikeSpinningPlates :

umm can I have your life... and wardrobe? haha. You're always going to such lovely locations and wearing the cutest thing. I love the photo.. such a pretty blue sky. And that gingham red dress looks perfect on you! I'm also a huge fan of elephant jewelry. =)

Laura :

i fell in love with your dress!!! and your bag is so cute!!! oh it's sooooo cute!!!


Maria Ramona :

you can never go wrong with gingham in my book. glad you're enjoying this perfect weather we've been having-- we are so spoiled!

Saige White :

I just adore that dress and that bag and those shoes and that hat! :)
And the beach sounds lovely right now!

Cole :

I love everything about this outfit, it just screams summer! I'm totally a fan of wide brimmed hats but am never sure if I can pull them off.

gee :

oh my..i would love to be near the beach right now!!
again i am jealous as always..haha.
another amazing find on your beautiful dress.
i do not think you could look more beautiful.
have a wonderful week love!! :)

Sian :

That dress is so cute!! And those peep toes are adorable! I'm looking for a straw bag like that for summer at the moment, it's so pretty =)

Sarah :


Just everything, want.

I don't even have time to use pronounce because I want your look so much! You look like the encyclopedia entry for summer relaxation. (:

Psst--I'm over at Just Take a Bow.

Beatrice :

I too love animal jewelry!! your necklace is absolutely stunning! ^,^

Paper Doll Vintage :

I am pretty much dying over here...love love love your red shoes! :)

Annimal House :

Your whole outfit is like a picnic: yummy, casual and fun!! And I completely covet that elephant necklace!! It's big and it moves, my two favorite necklace attributes!

Kirstin Marie :

Wow, I love this look! It's so classic for the summer. Perfection.

Thanks so much for your comment & for visiting my blog! <3

Kirstin Marie

Kristi :

Oh! your blog is so cute! I love your style.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Love the red gingham paired with the straw accessories, it reminds me of summer picnics.

80 degrees, the ocean and sunny skies... I'm oh so envious. We have a forecast of rain all week here in Chicago.

I recently wore elephant jewelry and gingham too! http://thriftaholic.blogspot.com/2011/03/black-white-red-all-over.html

Monique :

Oh my lady, you look adorable. I'm a huge fan of disallow bags and that dress truly is the cats meow. Initiallly, I thought your dress was a reproduction. What an amazing find! Oi and the the lovely weather your getting and those train tracks. I love this it looks like a page of a vintage magazine...kudos

GretchTM :

This dress is adorable!!!

islabell :

the blue sky and that gingham dress could it get any better?!!!?
also...i love your (not so wee) neckless with the green eyes.

Drinks tomorrow sound gooood. Maybe we should hit up el rio if it stays lovely and warm. Give me a txt and let me know whats up


islabell :

the blue sky and that gingham dress could it get any better?!!!?
also...i love your (not so wee) neckless with the green eyes.

Drinks tomorrow sound gooood. Maybe we should hit up el rio if it stays lovely and warm. Give me a txt and let me know whats up


Meghan :

aw so cute!
I'm sad I missed you last thursday evening! Hope you had fun ;)

Lea :

I can't believe you thrifted that dress--it is so perfect for summer. Actually, now that I'm looking at it, it's amazing that you thrifted all of those things. So jealous. Plus, these pictures are so pretty and clear.

<3 Lea

Nicole✗✗ :

Love that dress!! It is soo darling!! The accessories are perfect!!

Britty :

I'm soo jealous of your hat I need yo found a hat like yours so freaking awesome! I really love your dress so prefect!

Ashley Borysewich :

i love these pictures!

love your blog, following you now :)


Emma :

that dress is gorgeous, love the country vibe it has

sallyannie☆ :

Love the shape of your dress! The simple accessories complement it perfectly :)

Kaelyn Choo :

Hi Jenny,

Many thanks for checking out my humble blog and left your comment.

Love your outfit. It is pretty.


Michal :

This is the perfect beach-y picnic outfit. the colors are so vibrant! i absolutely love your necklace. animal necklaces are so cute & i love how big that one is!

Christy :

This is such a quintessential summer outfit; gingham is always a winner in my book, and you've got to love a watermelon-shaped tote! These photos make me wish the weather here in Pittsburgh would just perk up already!

Annebeth :

gaaah can I please have EVERYTHING you're wearing here???

Cheray Natalie :

I want to transport myself to that location! It looks just lovely! :)
Once again I love your entire outfit! Perfect for summery outing & just so perfect all together!
Cheray x

Michal :

hey jen! i wanted to let you know i'm featuring you in my "fashion focus" post tomorrow. hope that's alright!! xo

Stef / Diversions :

Sweetest gingham ever :) Looking gorgeous - awesome shoes too btw.