Rabbit, Lion, Armadillo

Meet Howard Rabbit. Howard is a very dapper bun. He has an assortment of suits, sailor outfits, and animal themed ensembles that he wears around the city. Matty and I like to take How How on walks around our neighborhood when we get out morning coffee or have a picnic in the park. He has a little leash, but we often carry him because he is easily distracted by grass and sticks. I like to think of Howard as a strange mix between a dog and a cat (he is littered trained and will respond when you call his name). He will happily hop around our apartment and cuddle before bed, giving you rabbit kisses if he is in an especially good mood.

Meredith and I made Howard this adorable lion suit to show off his wild side. It is made from a blend of soft materials and fur so he would be comfortable for his morning walk. We also cut ear holes in his mane. He looks like a bumble bee/lion/rabbit in wig combination. But this lion outfit just may be my new favorite.

Howard's outfit was the perfect match for my vintage safari skirt that I recently purchased at the Alameda Flea Market. There are actually lions hidden among the tall grass, but I don't think they are visible in the pictures. The vintage Armadillo taxidermy bag is amazing.  He has red eyes and claws with pointy little ears. Howard and Matt are both frightened of the purse but I think it is a vintage dream.

Oh, and I finally got my bangs cut. I couldn't see through the unkept mess of my hair!

Skirt: Vintage, via Alameda Flea Market
Shirt: American Apparel
Belt: 1960's Vintage
Shoes: Thrifted
Necklace: 1970s Vintage
Purse: Vintage, via Alameda Flea Market
Listening to: Hanging on the Telephone/ Blondie


LC :

love the outfit! and that rabbit is too funny!

Rachel :

Aww, your bunny is so cute! I love the fact that you dress him up...he sounds very dapper indeed. :D

Steffys Pros and Cons :

OMG howard rabbit is HUGE!!!!! but so cute! and i love your skirt :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Life by Wyetha :

I love this out, reminds me of summer. And of course we can't forget the bunny...

Kirstin Marie :

Oh my gosh, Howard is too cute!! I love his lion outfit. It's the best. He sounds like such a fun little guy.


P.S. I love your skirt, the fullness is divine!

Courtney :

Lovely outfit, that skirts gorgeous! Oh, such a cute rabbit!!! xx

Tierney :

This is probably the best post in my Google Reader of the day.

1.) That bunny is so awesome. I don't know if you ever watched the OC, but there was an episode where Summer had to hang out with a group of girls who all had purse puppies. She felt awkward, so she brought her giant bunny Pancakes to the party inside her purse. It inspired me on so many levels.

2.) That armadillo purse is pretty legit. I once saw the same purse, only with a baby crocodile.

3.) My bangs annoy the mess out of me, so I pin them back EVERY DAY. Kudos to letting them flow free.


Vicki :

aw howard is soo cute!!! love his little lion mae! :) x

Pretty Things :
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jessie :

omg, howard the bunny is too cute! the wig is hilarious.

Lydia :

Aw Howard!!!! I love this post!! So cute. And that bag is amazing, don't listen to Matt and Howard.

Pretty Things :

that rabbit is totally awesome! does he chew anything in the house?

beautiful outfit - loving the bag even though its rather creepy



Chaucee :

I really like that skirt you are wearing!

Cassie Nafziger :

Hahaha! This cracks me up! That rabbit is huge, lol! Great outfit--love that skirt and I wish I could find me an armadillo purse! Poor little arma-guy. He makes a fabulous bag though! Jk.

Abi :

you have an amazing rabbit!!

Sick by Trend :

awesome skirt and WHAT A LION!! :P



JennaStevie :

I love your rabbit!! I used to have two, but now only have one, and he is so bad at going for walks. I want to dress him up now though! I never have...but now I NEED to make him a lion mane.
I love this outfit, that skirt is a dream and your armadillo bag is the most incredbile thing evvver!!

Michal :

Are you kidding me. Howard Rabbit is the cutest thing I've seen in a VERY long time. I want lion costumes for my pugs!!

I love your outfit as usual. That skirt is really cool but your bag is definitely what makes the look. It is sort of creepy but I love it just the same. I have a vintage crocodile bag that has the head on it and stuff and I still haven't used it because I'm just kinda afraid of the reactions I'll get... You've inspired me to pull it out though!

Louder than Silence :

What a gorgeous outfit, the skirt in particular. Howard is pretty dapper too, what a cutie pie he is! Sally x

Ruby Girl :

i love this outfit. that skirt is amazing! glad you stopped by my blog cuz i am SO following you now. very cute blog. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

Le garçon avec les lunettes, :

funny funny!!! :-) cute bag!


Ashlee :


howard is so damn cute.

and i think the armadillo is amazing!

islabell :

ahhhhhh!!!!! what???? HOWARD! he's amazing. I can't believe you guys made him that suit. so funny.

dude, that armadillo purse is out of this world.
You scored hard at the flea market, this skirt is bom.


jesse.anne.o :

Howard! So adorable! What do you do if dogs approach him? He seems so chill!

kristin :

Love it! What a cutie!

Lauren :

Oh my gosh! Howard is ADORABLE! My roommate and I have been wanting to get a rabbit for the longest time. This may have put me over the top.

I love the armadillo bag, it's very unique. Cute!

Amber Blue Bird :

I am loving your skirt and loving little Howard!

Señorita :

Love the bunny!! Especially with the lion's mane :)


Binia :

I may have a puppy, but you have the CUTEST rabbit I've ever seen!
Err, I mean, fearsome and scary and lion-like! Rawwr!

Eloise :

The rabbit is adorable! And I do love your skirt xx

Ashley Louise :

Thank you for the comment! I love your skirt, so summery and fun! I've always wanted a bunny, but sadly am allergic!

GretchTM :

Cute rabbit!! That skirt is so pretty!

SomeoneLikeYou :

Oh my goodness, the picture of the rabbit just cracks me up! Oh, so funny :)

You look so lovely in this outfit! The skirt has such a beautiful pattern, and the longer length looks wonderful on you!

Thanks ever so much for dropping by my blog!

Meghan :

aw how how is adorable! I love your outfit too, that bag is great <3

Courtney Erin :

I love everything about this but the rabbit totally takes the cake! How adorable is he? I have two cats that I always refer to as rabbits because I have long standing dream to own a bunny myself.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Erika :

That skirt is so perfect! I adore the pattern. You look wonderful!

Alex :

don't get me wrong, your whole outfit is pretty much immaculately styled... but that bag, that goddamn armadillo bag kills me. it is pretty much the best thing I've seen in a long time! this is a wonderful blog, I'm glad I inadvertently stumbled upon it :)

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I love your bunny! I can't believe how tame he is, I've never heard of a bunny being dressed up in outfits or being put on a leash. As a kid I had 3 bunnies but they were all pretty 'wild'. I actually just saw an outdoor bunny today, there are quite a few fluffing around the city here in Chicago.

Wonderful outfit as always, the bag is amazing no matter what other people think!

laura :

Ok. So I was first gonna gush about the funny bunny. Then I was gonna gush about your gorgeous outfit (that skirt is lovely!) but really... I LOVE THAT ARMADILLO PURSE! How crazy unique is that?
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights

Lara :
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Lara :

Whoops! I accidentally deleted my comment.

But that bag is great! I love it!

La Chouette En Dimanche

stanimalandannimal :

Loving your outfit styling as usual, it always looks so effortless yet perfectly pulled together! I have given you a stylish blogger award on my blog today, just to make it completely official! And your rabbit is adorable, I'm sure you never hear that!!

Stevia :

is howard your pet?
howard is just too adorable!!

so in love with your bag!


ChiccaStyle :

Love the entire outfit, you look amazing!!!

Dial V for Vintage :

Wow how amazing is your bag! I'd love to own one like yours someday... It's so awesome! Cute bunny, by the way :).

Gorgeous Clara :

I really like that skirt! Lo ve the print!

Annebeth :

the rabbit, the purse, the simple styling, the skirt, the boyfriend, THE PURSE

I love it all to bits! amazing!

Lace n Coffee :

Thanks for your comment.
Your bunny is so cute with his little dressing up outfit.

Anula :

Wonderful pictures! You look beautiful! Gorgeous bag!

Miss Claire :

I just discovered your blog and I love it!! I have a house bunny too, called 'Chomby'. Pop over to my blog to peek at some photos of him. I may just have to make him a lion costume now!!!!! So cute!!


blakejacobsen :

I would love to take Howard home with me!

She Wears, She Shares :

this is one funny post and one sick bag!



JennaStevie :

I replied on my own blog about the rabbit, but I figured I should here too! My rabbit has one crazy tooth that needs to be trimmed all the time because it doesn't rub against the others. I didn't take him to get all of his teeth trimmed for his first 4 years because it wasn't necessary. As long as they chew on things (like cardboard, or wood, etc) it keeps their teeth trimmed. My bunbun is just crazy and doesn't like doing that!