Traveling through the American Southwest is something that I enjoy. From the cactus-filled Sonoran Desert to the deep canyons of the Colorado Plateau, its diverse landscape is- in my opinion- the most beautiful in the States.  During the summer of 2008, I went on a "desert tour" of sorts with Matty and his bandmates. We traveled through the plains of New Mexico (Albuquerque is wonderful), the sand dunes of Colorado, and the multicolored mountains of Utah.  Experiencing the many wonders of the desert is something I will never forget. Its natural beauty is a tremendous source of inspiration, especially when it comes to my personal style. 

Isn't the vintage tooled leather handbag dreamy? I thrifted it many years ago and was drawn to the floral detailing and brass clasp. The 1940's circle skirt is one of my recent purchases from the San Francisco Vintage Expo. The buttons were damaged, so I replaced them with darling 1920's porcelain beauties. And the shirt? I recently thrifted this shirt in Northern California and was immediately reminded of Central America. Matty and I have been trying to discern the origin of the shirt. Matty thinks it is Yucatecan but I see some Guatemalan influence. I really can't believe it has been nearly a year since we traveled to Guatemala and Honduras! I still have my dream of moving to a small town near Lago de Atitl├ín, even if it is only for a year. 

Where is your favorite place to visit?

Skirt: 1940s Vintage, via the San Francisco Vintage Expo
Buttons: 1920's Vintage, via the San Francisco Vintage Expo
Shirt: Thrifted, handmade
Purse: 1950s Vintage, thrifted
Shoes: 1970s Vintage, thrifted
Belt (worn as necklace): 1970s Vintage
Ring: Thrifted
Shawl: Thrifted
Listening to: Nowhere Fast/ The Smiths


Amber Blue Bird :

loving your bag!

Michelle Lee :

amazing outfit :)


Rachel :

Your bag is so pretty! I love all the detail on it; it looks like it was a really great find. :D

Em :

Really enjoyed how you put this outfit together--very inspirational. I like visiting wild beaches without a lot of people and a lot of dunes or trees/mangroves. I also like lavender farms--visited one over the summer while in Canada for work and was utterly charmed.

A Certain Vintage :

wow, in love with these photos. I want to go to a New Mexican desert now! Love your bag and t shirt a lot. just so beautiful and summery xox

LC :

Great photos as always! I love that vintage bag!

Christy :

Great post! I loved reading about the origins of all these pieces. I'm crazy about that top. (I know my sister would love it. She's a Spanish minor and likes to wear clothes with a little bit of Spanish influence.) I wouldn't think to pair it with a light blue skirt, but I think the outfit really works. :)

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love your skirt, and your top is such an amazing pattern! always always cute!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Lydia :

I love Southwestern stuff and have always wanted to take a road trip through that region. Your top is awesome! I love clothing with a Latin American feel. And that bag!! I love this outfit.

Monique :

That bag is in deed dreamy. I love your shoes and blouse too.

chantilly :

wow, jealous! i've always wanted to see the southwest. i did go to austin once, and loved it. want more!!

sallyannie☆ :

Ooh, your little shawl wrap thing looks so cosy and cute :)

Annebeth :

you look beautifully in place with that mexican-ish top next to the cacti <3

29 Skirts :

Your shirt is beautiful and looks so good with the light blue skirt. I've only driven through New Mexico in the past, but I may get a chance to visit Santa Fe in June. My grandma grew up on a ranch in New Mexico that her family received as a Spanish land grant WAY back, so I've always been interested in the Southwest.

Meghan :

oh I love this, those prints are fabulous and I'm a sucker for tooled leather :)

stanimalandannimal :

It's hard to decide what I like best, your enviable outfit or outstanding location!! Living in Northern California I am grateful for the abundance of lovely succulents and cactus and those aloes in bloom are amazing! And yes, I too am a sucker for the beauty and craftmanship of tooled leather, it just gets better with age and use!

Courtney :

Beautiful outfit! Cute bag xx

Santina :

That bag is definitely dreamy! I'm also loving that top - the colors and print are amazing!

Hmmm...a favorite place to visit. I could never pick just one. I generally love everywhere in Southeast Asia, and I've been dying to get back to India since I spent six months there!

Lea :

This outfit is so beautiful. I am in love with exotic, ethnic prints right now, so I just about died when the page loaded. Actually, I am in love with white + ethnic prints. The shoes and clutch are perfect.


Lauren :

Oh, I love the Southwestern inspiration. I've yet to visit that region of the U.S., but it's definitely on my list, especially Sante Fe, NM. A very exotic outfit, indeed!

samantha rae :

that bag... that top!
pure loveeee! <3<3

lovely blog. :)

Strawberry Freckleface :

That top and your bag are great, lady! Love.

strawberry freckleface

me and my lifestyle... :

Really love your purse and your shoes!!!!!!!
Thanks to commenting in my blog ;)


Joana :

love the outfits, just adorable!
and great photos too!

xx J


JennaStevie :

I am loving these photos! That blouse has an ammmazing pattern, and that bag is great!! I dream about going on a roadtrip through the american southwest, everytime I listen to Neil Youngs "tonights the night" and the song "Albequerque" comes on, all I can think about is driving there looking at cactus'
I love this post!

sarah :

I love this stunning outfit! I adore that blouse - what a fantastic find! That bag is also gorgeous. I love vintage tooled leather pieces. There's something so special about all the workmanship that you know when into them. Gorgeous outfit and inspiration!

dusanabotswana :

yay for southwest appreciation! I love the pics with the cacti, remind me of home (Arizona). The purse is so beautiful and I love your shoes and blouse as well! Also, thanks for stopping by my blog, I only expected comments from my friends trying to be nice hehe. just wondering, how did you find me? Now I can't wait to read your travel posts! I'm actually going to the Yucatan in a week & will def post about it. Thanks again, you made my day : )

Roxy Heart :

Great photos! I love your clutch!
Thanks for your comment.
Maybe we can follow each other?

Beverly Turner-Houpt :

Yeah! Southwest!

Cole :

Another wonderful outfit! I love the bag, I have one that reminds me of it that I picked up in Mexico a couple of years ago.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I adore tooled leather bags, I pick them up whenever I see them! Love the powder blue with the graphic shirt, it fits the cactus surroundings perfectly! The last time I was in the Southwest was when I was 10, would love to go back to visit & take photos.

My next trip is to the motherland-- the Philippines for 2 weeks. Am excited to see if there is a vintage scene over there!

Hello Again Vintage :

Thanks for visiting my blog. You have such a pretty blog also. I love all your vintage finds. ♥

- Grace


NodToStyle :

that is one of the most beautiful tops. LOVE IT. i am so into the southwest right now. i spent most of the last summer and fall in arizona and am deeply in love with all things desert. the open spaces and craggy hills, i can't get enough

Carrie at La Rizada :

gorgeous photos.

i live in NM and it really is inspirational for dressing...especially because of the incredible native american influence, not to mention the colors of the sky and the mountains.

lago de atitlan is gorgeous! move to panajachel and sell earrings or something!

Green Tea and Cupcakes :

Love that shirt it's gorgeous.

islabell :

golden gate park :) holla!!!

Loving your sweet 40's find at the expo. So simple and breezy, it will be perfect for summer. Those buttons look like they were made for it.

As for that shirt missy, the greatest print ever!

I should be asleep...still trying to do etsy stuff, i totally underestimated how long it would take me. AHHHHHhhhhh


GretchTM :

Gorgeous top! I love it with your skirt!

Michal :

I am in love with this post. I am obsessed (reeeeally obsessed, ask any of my friends ^_^) with the American Southwest! I agree that it is the most beautiful landscape in the country (at least of what I've visited). My room decor is entirely devoted to it, with rust colored walls, and Georgia O'Keeffe's and Native American blankets. :) You look marvelous and I am so in love wih that handbag..

Marisa Violeta :

My favorite place to visit is my dad's hometown. It is a little village full of green places, flowers and with a little river :')

Ah, I love love your skirt and that vintage bag. You look really adorable!

(I also need to say that I adore that The Smiths song!)