Salt Water Taffy

The Golden Gate Bridge was opened to traffic in 1937 after four years of work. This beautiful relic from the 30s is not painted gold, but orange vermilion, also known as "International Orange". The term Golden Gate actually refers to the Golden Gate Strait which is the entrance to the San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. Eleven men lost their lives while building this world renowned bridge, and sadly, many more take their own lives every month. Matthew and I decided to play tourists and visit the GG Bridge this warm and sunny weekend. The sky was lovely and blue and there were lots of people out enjoying the city. There were quite a lot of surfers out in the water that day too. Can you spot any of them over my shoulder?

The nautical colors in my outfit seemed just right for the water and boat filled background. I've had this little polkadot number in my closet for a number of years and I'm so impressed that I stil have the original belt! The white peter pan collar is so sweet and I love the ruffles going down the front. I'm really into wearing socks with shoes right now so I couldn't resist pairing my woven red shoes with these cute frilly ankle socks from H&M. My bag is a classy vintage find from North Carolina. It's navy suede and has the neatest metal circular clasp. I'm traveling to North Carolina again this year and I hope I can be lucky enough to find more vintage gems! If anyone is in the North Shore area around the end of May/beginning of June I would love to meet up for coffee and a thrifting adventure.

Dress: Vintage, thrifted
Cardigan: BP
Bag: Vintage NC
Shoes: Vintage, from Etsy 
Socks: H&M


Courtney :

These photos are beautiful! Your outfit and the surroundings match perfectly! Fabulous!xx

Christy :

Thanks for the background info on the Golden Gate bridge; I didn't really know anything about the bridge's history!

As for your outfit, I agree that the nautical colors perfectly match your surroundings. That dress is so sweet, with the ruffles and peter pan collar, and socks with shoes are always a winner! <3

LC :

Those are great photos! I hope to see the Golden Gate Bridge one day! :)

Steffys Pros and Cons :

that is one of the cutest polka dotted dresses ever, and i have one that is pretty darn cute and awfully hard to beat. but you beat it! bc that collar... it is amazing! youre lucky for having it :) and i love the red cardigan w the red shoes, just so cute!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Clara :

OMG! Amaing look
I love your glasses!

lilacpurplesky :

Oh I love those wonderful pictures. That look is my dream one, but I never find anything as nice as this one. It is just perfect. Bravo.

celita :

Adore this look and pictures are amazings!!

LikeSpinningPlates :

haha is it sad that when I first saw this photo, I thought FULL HOUSE!! lol but seriously. I also noticed what an adorable outfit this is! I love red and navy blue together and that dress is really perfect!! It's such a cute nautical look. My favorite thing is your hair bow!

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph :

I absolutely love all these photos!!! They are incredible! Especially your outfit, your cardigan matches the bridge!

Cat :

Stunning photos and such an amazing setting! I adore your birdie hair bow!

Maria Ramona :

your outfit matches the bridge background absolutely perfectly-- that dress is a dream and you can't beat still owning the original belt. can't tell you how many times I've taken the belt off a dress and never found it again-- (or found it after I'd already given the dress away!)

Two Happy Hearts :

i adore the golden gate bridge. it's so magnificent!! i also adore that pretty little dress with the perfect little collar ;) and those teal sunglasses are amazing!

this is the perfect place, and a perfect outfit.

Kirstin Marie :

These are beautiful photos! The first thing I said when your page loaded was "this is gorgeous!" You have some awesome style, and you are one of my favorites!! I've added you to my blogroll :)


Monique :

This outfit is so adorable. I love the Golden Gate Bridge back drop. So scenic. Great shots

Hello Again Vintage :

I love the outfit and background of the Golden Gate! Very beautiful. Photoshoot success! :)


hattitude :

Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

I have the same bow! only in light pink! i love it, wore last week in my outfit post.

is it cold in san fran? whats the temp like?

also I was wondering how you connected your page 'outfits' to your outfit tag posts? I cant figure it out! haha thanks!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

Erika :

So incredible! I adore the red with the blue, such a cute nautical look. Every piece is perfect!

JennaStevie :

I love these pictures, such a great vintage feel to them. This polka dot dress is so pretty and I love the nautical theme. Sounds like a fun day

Santina :

These pictures are gorgeous! I had no idea that people surfed under the Golden Gate bridge like that - crazy!

I absolutely adore this look. The peter pan collar and fold over ruffle socks? Too cute!

Beatrice :

oh my, I want to steal your outfit! haha
you look so cute! I also love the contrast the red in your outfit with the background ^,^

kristin :

Beautiful dress and photos! I agree - that is the perfect locaction for your photo shoot:)

Mrs Vintage :

Yr outfit matches the behind Golden Gate Bridge so much!!!

I hope one day I can go to San Francisco XD

gee :

well first off, you looks gorgeous as always.
your location is amazing...i love seeing the sailboats and surfers in the background. makes me daydream of warm sunny days!!! (which hopefully it will start becoming in WV sooner than later.)
have a wonderful day..!! <3

jesse.anne.o :

This dress is so lovely and perfect. Really lovely pictures.

jesse.anne.o :

Also - I heard this because of some of the more recent GWB/NYC bridge suicides, but about other bridges: when they started posting suicide hotline info at the bridges, suicide rates went down.

amberly :

Such a cute outfit and post! Thank you for the information about the GG Bridge! I knew it was one of the top places where people end their lives, and for me that is so sad. They made a movie about that, and I rented it from Netflix but I couldn't bring myself to put it in the DVD player so we sent it back...ha!

But your polka dots and red and the surfers make me so happy and it looks like such a beautiful day! Did you get any Salt Water Taffy that day? <333

Also, you commented on my blog that you were looking for clogs and I randomly stumbled across these the other day, a pretty decent price but not sure if its what you're going for:

Thought I would send that to your little 7 feet! Curse my wide, 9s! :)

Amber Blue Bird :

this is a picture perfect outfit. Love the dainty socks with your red flats

Megan Hattie :

I love your dainty poses, and of course the location is epic! Pretty hair bow and color scheme, it actually looks more nautically cool instead of super patriotic, as red, white and blue can tend to. La la lovely :)

--Megan//The Martian Tide

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Your outfit perfectly matches your surroundings! I've only been to SF once but loved it-- we didn't as cute as photos as you did though (we were kind of far, we took pictures from the Legion of Honor Museum).

Yay for red accents, when I'm in doubt I always throw on my red cardigan and shoes.

Jordan :

Love it all; the bridge, the dress, the cardi, socks and shoes, lipstick. Lots of pretty going on in that photo.

Lydia :

I love how you guys give the history of many of your locations. Such a unique addition to your blog. That close up shot of the chain is so rad! Super cute outfit; its kinda like Lucy meets Dorothy.

Rosy (of Raindrops on Rosy) :

awe i love this post. what a nice background of the golden gate bridge. I love all the sea colors:) and I love the short socks with the red shoes reminds me of my grade school days;)

maggeygrace :

Twin Falls has thrifting??? eee! I live in Northern Idaho so I really only know thrifting up here. Dang! i'm missing out! This outfit is adorableeee.

GoodFrameofMind :

This outfit is the perfect bit of girly and grown up all in one. So very cute! (you have just great style!)

Julia :

Oh I love these photos! How lovely you look, and the colors are phenomenal!

Jenni Wells :

Such a fantastically gorgeous dress. You styled it perfectly.

elanor, :

perfectly vintage. :) you look darling! the first photo is amazing! one of these days i need to do a photoshoot by the bridge.


Cheray Natalie :

I love your outfit - I don't even think I know which part of it I love the most! The red shoes & cardi are so lovely, as is the dress and your bag! :)
Plus the backdrop kind of wins my heart over!
(Each time i visit San Francisco I take so many photos of the bridge I drive my friends & family crazy! I LOVE it!)
So lovely
Cheray x

Nicole :
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Cole :

I love this outfit & these photos! The Golden Gate Bridge offers the perfect background!

Subversive Lulú :

very pretty outfit!
Love the socks!.

zoë, lion heart vintage :

wow, these pictures actually should be on a postcard for san fransisco, or a tourism ad! i would definitely be enticed to visit just based on your lovely style alone (and the picturesque bridge, of course).

in reference to your suggestion about clothing swaps, i would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to do one with you! you can email me at anytime :)

Fariza Othman :

you're so sweet face!! I just know your blog through chictopia. I kinda love this outfits especially those polka dot. Adorable. Beautiful picture!! Amazing <3

Nicole✗✗ :

The polka dot dress is soooo precious!! I love the socks with the flats!! So cute!

islabell :

lady, that first photo looks like a postcard.
its amazing. You look stunning in all of these. What perfect colours for that location.

Your dress is a classic, i'm still on the prowl for one like that...with that cute collar. yes!

hurray for friday tomorrow

p.s. nice seeing your "friends" in bow in your hair :) now i am always guna be on the look out in your pics.


RainCooper :

Love your outfit. X

Mademoiselle Antonova :

that is a such sweet outfit! really amazing :) x

the nyanzi report :

These pictures are bananas! What better backdrop than the GG? I especially love the colour combo of your outfit.

Annebeth :

aaaah so cute and PERFECT with that backdrop! you guys run an amazing blog, I'm sure you'll become famous :D

Baby Budget Blog :

Great shot! Love the background, love the dress, the red, and the shades!! Follow each other?

Check out my skull bracelet giveaway!

Laura :

such beautiful pictures!!!! and i love the nautical feel to this outfit!


Kristen :

Hello. Found you on Chictopia. Love your blog and especially this super darling polka dot dress. Stunning.



Like Mousse Au Choco :

lovely dress, nice pics !!!

are you dressing up or dressing down :

you look so adorable. looks liek youve stepped staright out the fifties. love it.

Helen, X

TrophyBoutique :

Gorgeous! These photos look like movie stills...lovely.

Lucy, Dear Fish :

The color of your cardigan and shoes matches the golden gate almost exactly! I love the pin up girl/50's inspired look you have going on here. And those shoes are amazing! I had a pair like that from UO but they fell apart almost immediately, of course. I hope I have the good luck to find a pair like that on etsy!

Squeeze the Pug :

I like these pics. They look like they have been taken for Vogue magazine.

Raquel :

These picture, your outfit... this post is amazing!

Also, you probably don't know this but one of the bridges is Lisbon, Portugal is a replica of the Golden Gate :) both are quite lovely sights!

Shy, Chesterfield :

these pictures are beautiful! Not only the outfit but that backdrop as well! Looks like a retro postcard!


islabell :

ummm... this should be the golden girls vintage flyer...that last shot? yes!