Through the Seams

When we took these pictures the sun was shining and bright. But it's taken a turn for the worst and there are puddles on the side walk now. I can't wait to wear no sleeves again. My moods are easily influenced by the weather and spring keeps hinting that it's here only to disappear again. I brought flowers home from work today to try and add a little cheer to the cloudy skies. There is something to be said of course for staying home, drinking tea, reading (Sarah's Key) and snuggling with the doggy. 

 This maxi skirt is one of the best things to wear when you want to feel glamorous yet still laid back. The breezy, light weight fabric is super soft and I love the way it looks when the wind picks it up and whips it around my feet. It's also super versatile since the waistband can be adjusted to sit at your waist or your hips depending on what you're pairing it with. I found the cream lace tank at one of my favorite thrift stores and knew that I wasn't leaving without it. The necklace was actually thrifted last year when I was in Hawaii! I just adore the chunky beads and rich colors.

Skirt: Vintage (soon to be available at our Etsy store)
Top: Vintage Thrifted 
Necklace: Vintage Thrifted
Hat : Vintage Thrifted
Shoes: Miz Mooz
Listening to: Lately/ Memoryhouse

All photographs by Matthew Rice.


Em :

Love how you styled this outfit--the hat is perfect.

Mrs Vintage :

Love yr hat!

Steffys Pros and Cons :

love that maxi skirt!!! it is totally laid back glam, and fits you perfect!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Rosie :

I'm completely in love with your outfit - that maxi skirt is gorgeous, and looks perfect teamed with that sweet top.
Beautiful colours,

Rosie x

LC :

Love that whole outfit but especially the hat & necklace!

sarah nicole :

Perfect! Loving those boots.



Courtney :

Gorgeous outfit! Love that hat xx

Pretty Things :

oh great photographs, the sun is shining here at the moment - I'm sure it will disappear again soo, love your lace top and colour of your skirt


JennaStevie :

I love this outfit, it is so perfect. That maxi skirt and top are perfect together, and makes me want one sooo much

Star-Light :

beautiful outfit :)

Lea :

Goodness. That rust color is so incredibly rich and pretty. Love that you echoed it with your necklace. I'm a recent convert regarding longer hem lines. It's oddly a bit empowering.

The weather here in Oregon is like that too. It's so sad. It's nice and clear this week, but then it's supposed to rain again come the weekend. boo!

Plumeuphoria :

ah! This outfit is great. I love it. So simple yet its perfectly put together.


Bre :

The weather has a lot to do with what I wear as well. I hope you didn't get too wet out there.
Your maxi skirt is super cute.

Stef / Diversions :

The beads and lacey top are so perfect with this skirt! Love the rich, earthy colours :)

Hope the weather clears up soon!

Meghan :

I love this skirt, the whole look is wonderful! I'm glad I wasn't the only one surprised by the strange return to rain

benzerj :

I love these colors!

Ashley :

The whole outfit is just perfect, but I really love the hat! I have a weakness for wide brimmed, floppy hats :)

Imelda :

Great outfit! Love the colorcombination!

Julie Iliana :

I love how the sleeveless shirt fits you! you've styled everything perfectly here :)

PS- omgomgomg happy anniversary! it's today according to your comment, hehe. yay for 7's right? hope you have a great one ♥!

love your blog!


This outfit is giving me a 1970s safari vibe and I don't hate it one bit, you look lovely :)

Ashlee :

that necklace made my heart skip a beat!

She is Sara :

I want that hat!! Theses pictures are stunning!

gee :

i love the dark red on you.
your laid back look, looks 20,000 times better than my laid back look of sweats and a tshirt. ;P
i know i repeat and say the same thing everytime, but you look beautiful. <3

Megan Hattie :

The hat is perfect! Loooove these colors! :)

--Megan//The Martian Tide

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Love the colour combo of the outfit, the chunky necklace & hat are perfect accessories too. It's been raining pretty much nonstop here, I'm definitely influenced by the weather and have been feeling depressed lately. I've been wearing bright colours to cheer myself up.

Kathleen :

Today was a bit wacky as far as weather was concerned. I'm always toting an umbrella, just in case. Love the maxi skirt and how the warm tones are mirrored in the necklace. Gorgeous, as always. :)

Lydia :

So into maxi skirts right now!! I've been on the look out whenever I go thrifting for good ones. Yours looks so comfy for summer.

Hello Again Vintage :

Very pretty outfit. I love the chunky necklace with the maxi skirt.

And I know what you mean, my mood changes with the weather too... And lately, it's been raining on and off.

Hopefully once May comes then the weather will really feel like spring.


Monique :

I know what you mean about the nice thing about cuddling in doors when it's raining is just listening to its soothing sound...always helps me fall asleep. Love your outfit.

softspoken :

i've never been able to pull off the maxi skirt in a way that suits me - you, however don't seem to have that problem! maybe since i'm learning to embrace longer lengths i'll give them another shot - yr photos are certainly inspiring me to do so :)

Nicole✗✗ :

Sooo beautiful!! I love the skirt!!

islabell :

I love this outfit. I wish i could wear a maxi all day long! you look so pretty in those colours.

Make it warm up! This rain is no fun.

Hope to see you this weekend lady


blakejacobsen :

I love the color of that skirt! And the top goes incredibly well with it. Beautiful as always!

Michal :

I agree with Ashley, this is definitely a very 70s/Safari look. I adore it. You look so amazing in this rust color! That's so cool that you went to Hawaii... I'd love to go one day!

SoapyMermaid :

and the styling is very nice too. i love your wonderful pieces of vintage clothing.