To Be Still

During Spring, exploring Northern California is a pastime of mine. My favorite drive is the Bohemian Highway, a ten-mile roadway that winds through towering redwood trees, grassy pastures, rocky ravines and small townships. Even though the drive is a short one hour from San Francisco, I feel transported to a different time and place. Having a picnic, enjoying the local charm of each town, and exploring the surrounding natural treasures are just some of the activities I enjoy during these adventures.

These photographs remind me of the many Spring afternoons I've spent traversing California backroads. The weather was warm, the sun was shinning, and flowers were in bloom. Channeling the 1970s, the vintage maxi dress was the perfect pick for the day. Although I am only 5'3, I love the long length of dresses for the Spring. It was quite funny taking these pictures since I fell out of the tree on the way up! I took off my platforms because they definitely weren't tree climbing shoes. 

Dress: 1970s Vintage, thrifted (still contemplating if I should keep it or put it in the store
Necklace: 1960s Vintage
Shoes: 1970s Vintage (not pictured)
Listening to: Reno Dakota/Magnetic Fields
All photographs by Matthew Rice


The Daily Fashionista :

California sounds like the best place!! I want to visit there so badly:) And I vote for you to keep the dress, at least throughout the summer. It's a great fit and looks really pretty.

Mizdragonfly :

I hope to go back to Cali sometime soon - made it up to napa/sonoma last time, hoping to go all the way to Seattle next time.

And that dress is gorgeous!


Monique :

That bold print is amazing and the California back drop is just amazing. You look gorgeous up in that tree lady.

dimi :

Amazing dress and background! :)

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love that dress, and look at you miss tree climber! how did you get up there with that maxi dress on ? :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Kennedy :

these are just stunning! you look like the prettiest wood nymph <3

Christy :

Beautiful post! The Bohemian Highway sounds pretty dreamy; spring is the perfect time to go on adventures.

I've never dressed terribly "bohemian," but posts like this one make me want to buy some maxi dresses for spring. The colors are just so lovely, and I really like the breezy, relaxed feel of the outfit.

Lea :

SUch an amazing maxi dress. I don't own anything like that--probably because I only own one longer skirt :) My boyfriend is away at school in California right now, so I love it because I always go there on my breaks and whatnot. I know for his graduation, we're planning on driving up along the coast to come back to Oregon :) So that should be really awesome.

JennaStevie :

I want to go to california so badly! This sounds amazing, I love going for long drives and finding interesting places is so much fun.
This dress has the most amazing pattern and I love the length! I want a long dress like this

LikeSpinningPlates :

looking at California pictures makes me depressed haha. But it really does. Gorgeous, colorful dress and I love how awesome you look in that big tree!

The Suburb Experiment :

I'd wear it a few times before you sold it. The Bohemian Highway sounds pretty amazing!


islabell :

watch out up might fall :p

You know i adore this dress lady, perfect perfect perfect.


gee :

that tree is seriously amazing. i did a photo shoot while on vacation climbing a huge tree branch and my husband got so mad at me bc i tore my leg up..haha.
the things we do for blogging. :P

i have missed you beautiful girls..i was thinking while away from the computer last week.. i wonder what the HB girls are posting about. :P

love love love this dress. i would keep it. haha. just because it is so beautiful. i have such a horrible time letting go of clothing.

blakejacobsen :

I absolutely love that dress! The pattern is truly unique and beautiful.

Maria Ramona :

That dress just fits you far too well to sell-- my two cents says keep it!!!

Amber Blue Bird :

wow that tree makes such a lovely backdrop. love that dress.

Just a lazy morning :

such a great location, lovely dress!

Fashion Forestry :

Oh man look at thoes adorable bangs! Is this shoot post poison ivy?

Michal :

Aw you look sooo beautiful in that dress. I love it. Your hair looks awesome too!

I took a trip up the coast of California with my parents when I was about 16. I will never forget the coast above San Francisco... It was some of the most beautiful country I've ever ever seen. I'd love to go back!

Lydia :

That dress is perfection.

Em :

Keep it!!! You look fabulous in it and seems so perfect for where you live. That tree is just breathtakingly beautiful. My compliments to you and your photographer.

Berta :

You really look so gorgeaus!!!=)

Vale ♥ :

That dress is so pretty and you rock it absolutely ! I wanna visit Cali one day soon. Ciao from Italy !

sarah nicole :

All I needed to read was "San Francisco" and "thrift" and all I needed to see was this beautiful dress and I knew that we would be blog bffs forever!

Thank you for commenting on my blog so I could find yours. Can't wait to have a look around. : )



Kirstin Marie :

That tree is so cool! I love that you pictures are in a tree. I loved climbing trees as a kid. Your dress is really pretty.

Lauren :

The Bohemian Highway sounds like heaven :) I'd love to have my own flashback adventure there someday.

And I love the maxi dress! Especially because you're 5'3 and rocking it. Very stylish!

Rebecca :

This really has me pining to visit California again, i went last summer and couldn't get enough of it. Gorgeous dress, you're really channeling that laid back summer vibe.

Nicole✗✗ :

Such wonderful pictures! Your dress is gorgeous!! I wish I was in California right now, I just love it there!

She is Sara :

Wow, I love these pictures, the outfit is great but the tree makes it pop!

Cole :

I love maxi dresses but always worry that I'm too short for them, but seeing you in yours makes me want to try some more!

T.A. :

These photos are so beautiful! <3

Follow me back,

Megan Hattie :

That's such a lovely dress, I love the print. And exploring norcal sounds so great, I have loved what I've seen so far. Can't wait to see more of it!

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Meri :

Lovely dress! Man, I would kill for your weather right now! I think it's snowing here Ick.
Love the photo backdrop too, tree hugger! (in the best way)

Laura :

The print on your dress is so amazing!!!
California is so beautiful!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I miss California's wide range of topography/interesting natural features... it's so flat here in the Midwest and there is nothing as grand as the Redwood Forest!

Love the idea of taking a photo in a tree, I would have been afraid to climb it in platforms too. The dress looks smashing on you, it would be a difficult decision to sell it.

benzerj :

What a lovely dress.

Ashlee :

be careful on your outfit shoots girl! *wink

i hope you're feeling better!

Rebeccak :

I love a large-scale print! Very cool :)

Kathleen :

Amazing dress, amazing print, amazing tree! The Bohemian Highway sounds magical too - good band name.

Cheray Natalie... :

these photos make me long for some time outdoors! Hopefully the weather is nice tomorrow - pretty sure a picnic is in order :)
gorgeous dress lovely x