What We Love

1. Benny and Joon

Benny and Joon is such a sweet and touching film. I mean, of course Johnny Depp is ridiculously good looking in his suspenders and hat. Mary Stuart Masterson is just as adorable in her floral dresses, jean jackets and cute hair style! She actually makes it seem like a really good idea to spend the days away as a slightly out of her mind artist.  And who doesn't love the scene of Johnny Depp creating dancing potatoes a la Buster Keaton?

2. Smashbox SOFTBOX

I'm not going to lie, I love cosmetics. A few years ago I knew nothing about skin care or make-up. I put on eye shadow with my finger and never moisturized my skin. Now I can honestly say, my make up box is over flowing and I just can't stop. I love the way that you're able to change your look to suit your mood and outfit. I know that make up is not for everyone and I think that's totally fine. I just find it incredibly fun to go from a sexy cat eye one day to soft feminine neutrals the next. For me, it just completes the outfit. My newest purchase is the Smashbox SOFTBOX. There are nine gorgeous eye shadows to play with as well as two cream eye liners. The colors are just so darn pretty, I just can't wait to try them all out. What's your beauty regimen? -Annalise-

3. Kime Buzzelli 

Kime Buzzelli is an artist in every sense of the word. She paints, makes clothing, styles for tv's 90210, and is an all around uber creative woman. I've been following her blog for a number of years and it's been great to see all of her successes. Her artwork has been published in Lula, Paper and W as well as on Urban Decay make-up packaging. Her blog is chock full of inspiration, from her new house and how she is decorating it, to her travels around the US far from home. I'm drawn to her colorful and playful paintings for so many reasons. These are what my dreams look like. If you haven't heard of her blog The Moldy Doily, I highly suggest checking it out. -Annalise-

4. Goorin Brothers Spring 2011 
Goorin follows a timeless approach to the construction and design of their hats. From a vintage-inspired cloche to a classic fedora, Goorin hats make a bold statement through their timeless design. I especially love every Goorin hat since my brother is the Creative Director for the company. He not only assists in the artistic direction of each distinct line but also is an amazing San Francisco visual artist. His art blends contemporary street culture with vivid color, an aesthetic that is throughly integrated into Goorin's 1333 Minna Collection. I am one proud sister! -Jenny-

5. Adie + George

Casey Larkin and Sasha Deurr is the innovative team behind Adie + George, an eco-knit collection. The designers embrace bioregional, ecological, and ethical design of the California West Coast. Many of their pieces are hand-dyed through natural materials such as avocado pits and fennel. Their design aesthetic is classic and well-curated with pieces that are easily wearable. Casey and Sasha ask, "Can we really make things that make the world better? If so, what does that mean? It is this core impulse that planted the seed of our small company that makes small things well in a very big world." -Jenny-

6. Vintage Sewing Baskets

My grandmother was an amazing seamstress. She would neatly arrange spools of thread, buttons, and needles in a 1950s wicker sewing basket. I would spend hours exploring her sewing odds and ends, hoping that one day that I would own a basket of my very own. My wish came true when I discovered the most charming 1960s gem at an antique store in Berkeley, California. I even use mine as a purse! -Jenny-


Lydia :

Oh, Johnny Depp. Swoon. That artist is amazing. i love all the colors and how she shades and highlights. Inspiring me to go pick up my oil pastels!

Christy :

Great post! I love that you've picked unique things that haven't already been blogged to death! I have a weird relationship with makeup. I'm pretty adept at applying stage makeup for my dance performances, but I feel odd wearing it in "real life." That Smashbox palette is pretty tempting, though; the colors just seem so romantic and wearable. And the vintage sewing baskets are lovely! I'm not a seamstress by any means, but I'd definitely be thrilled to have one of them on my arm. :)

BaronessVonVintage :

awww, that movie is a classic! pretty smashbox palette, too!

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love vintage sewing baskets too, i am always drawn to them but never buy one because... i dont sew!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Rebecca Clairine :

cuteeeee box !
love them <33


Monique :

I recently discovered Smashbox too. I'm still learning how to apply makeup. I love those vintage sewing boxes. That's awesome you grew up with your grandma sewing.

Rachel :

Benny and Joon is one of my all-time faves! Johnny Depp is such a riot. :D

gee :

guess who got an amazing package in the mail yesterday!?! :P
love my owl and jewelry..already trying to figure an outfit for my necklace. i <3 you both.
have a wonderful weekend..

ps. i will watch anything with johnny depp in it..especially YOUNG johnny depp.

Life by Wyetha :

The artwork is fantastic, and I love the vintage baskets.

The Suburb Experiment :

I love the proud sister part. So cute!

I recently re-watched Benny & Joon and was surprised to see Julianne Moore's character's apartment was in the same building as one I lived in years ago. Funny.



Benny and Joon--such a good movie! I've never seen little sewing baskets like that but they are so cute! I should try to find one for my grandma--although she uses a huge hello kitty tin to store all her notions which aint have bad either ;)

KateLainey :

I was just scouting etsy for a vintage sewing basket!!! These are amazing! love love love :)

chloe :

awww Benny & Joon. That movie is so sweet. I used to watch that & "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" about every week.

The Smashbox palette is beautiful & looks very very tempting! And speaking of Kime Buzelli, I bought her collaboration palette with Urban Decay, "Show Pony." It's amazing & the outwork on the box is to die for.

Christina :

I love that you featured Kime! We used to be neighbors - she's such a fun lady and Show Pony was truly a special store. Echo Park is going to miss her, but gosh, it must be a dream to live near Joshua Tree...

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

My mother is a very talented seamstress so I always buy her vintage sewing items at estate sales (she favors the '60s/70s lucite boxes though). I have a few wicker boxes in my collection, love the heart & house shaped ones above. I like that you use yours as a purse!!

Meghan :

aw LOVE the sewing baskets!! Have to re-watch Benny & June soon :)