What We Love

Middle School Edition
We're brining you our favorite things from middle school. What are your top picks during this time?

1. Plaid Skirt and Hair Bows
For seven years, I wore the same red plaid skirt to school with a matching hair bow. However, this was not out of choice. I was a Catholic schoolgirl. There wasn't much room to be creative with our uniform. We could wear a grey or navy blue cardigan with the skirt. But we always had to tuck in our white collared shirt, wear "appropriate" shoes, and we couldn't wear makeup. I must admit that I still love plaid skirts and hair bows. But I prefer a vintage skirt with a much shorter hemline and a different color scheme. -Jenny-

2. Blue Album and Pinkerton
I still battle with the question: Do I prefer The Blue Album or Pinkerton? My best friend and I were obsessed with both. We would sing along to every song during sleepovers and car rides with our parents. I would have to say that "Pink Triangle" and "Across the Sea" are two of my favorite songs from middle school. You could hear my pre-teen heart beat a little faster whenever these albums were played. -Jenny-

3. The Giver
The Giver is a book that changed my life. In case you haven't read it, let me tell you a little about the plot. The novel is written from the point-of-view of Jonas, an eleven-year-old boy who lives in a futuristic society that has eliminated pain, fear, war, and hatred. Jonas is selected to be the "Receiver of Memory," the person who stores all of the memories before the creation of the utopian society. As Jonas receives memories from the previous receiver- The Giver- he inherits the power of knowledge. He battles the ultimate question: should he stay with his community or run away to where he can live a life filled with color, emotion, and excitement?  The novel's timeless message is quite applicable to my life as an adult. It is very well written with vivid imagery and dialogue. (And in case you were wondering, the apple is key to the book. Give it a read if you haven't. You won't be disappointed!) -Jenny-

4. The City of Lost Children

I'm not sure when it started, but I've always had an affinity for a side of life that's just a little bit twisted. Perhaps that was why I was so drawn to, and still adore, the Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro film "The City of Lost Children". If you liked the styles of  Delicatessen and Amélie, then there is a good chance you'll like this film. The story follows on a mysterious adventure between One, a carnival strongman and an orphan named Miette. The film has a steam punk look to it, where you're not sure if it's set in the past or the future. Either way, I'm sure you'll want to watch it again and again. -Annalise-

5. Chokers and Boots

I didn't go to Catholic school but I did wear a uniform everyday. I wore my first pair of Docs, purchased in London, for two years straight without wearing any other shoe ever. Docs are pretty much indestructible and I wore holes into them. Mine had leopard print laces and I wore those shoes everyday with pride. Later I owned 14 hole Docs and knee-high Gripfast boots. Another wardrobe staple were chokers. The one I remember the most was black satin with a metal flur-de-lis and a hanging droplet shaped pearl. I also loved to tie lace and ribbons around my neck as well. The photo above is Natalie Portman in Leon: The Professional. She wears the look perfectly! -Annalise-

6. Sassy Magazine

Walking home after school I had one thing on my mind...to check the mail box to see if my Sassy magazine had arrived. On the days it was there I would dance a celebratory dance and retire to my room to read every single word cover to cover. I made myself a three-ring binder where I would house certain articles that I wanted to keep and refer back to. There were DIY spreads and one of my favorites was how to create a celestial themed room. Besides the fun stuff like fashion and boys, there were seriously eye opening articles that focused on world events and real life problems. I know it's been said a million times but Sassy magazine changed my life. -Annalise-


Em :

Ah, Sassy Magazine and Pinkerton--good times!

Michal :

This is such an awesome post. I remember listening to Weezer ALL THE TIME. My (baby) cousin is named after 'My Name Is Jonas'. haha

Renee B. :

Ahhhhh I remember Sassy magazine!! Blast from the past!! What a fun post, thanks for the flashbacks! xoxo R.


I remember in 6th grade, those black velvet chokers were my favorite thing, I should have kept them all! I also read Sassy, oh the memories!

Ashley :

Wow, Weezer in Middle School? Well, I suppose. I was listening to shitty pop I believe. Ugh. Glad I've changed my way since then!

It's odd you mentioned the Giver here, since I was--randomly--thinking about it before bed last night. I might have to reread it this summer.

Lydia :

ooooohhhh myyyyyy gggodddd!!!! Every single one of these, minus the school uniform thing!!!!! Although most of this was more high school for me. City of Lost Children! I totally forgot about that movie. Sassy was my bible. Pinkerton!! I wish I could get back into velvet chokers, but its hard. The ship may have sailed. Thanks for this post.

Lace n Coffee :

Leon is one of my fav films.
I had to wear a school uniform too, but couldn't wear docs :(

apurpledress :

The Giver is one of my all time favorite books. It is so amazing!

Steffys Pros and Cons :

bows and plaid... yes and yes!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

JennaStevie :

Such a great post, I love the idea of seeing what everyone was into in their younger days.
I would have hated to go to a school with uniforms! Ah!

Sick by Trend :

great Sassy! :D


Have a nice weekend!


laura :

Yes. I love the City of Lost Children. I can still remember taking it out of the video store to rent. Awesome to the possum movie.
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights

lilacpurplesky :

Wow, you were already very cool at that time! When I was a teenager I used to wear skater clothes...

angela's eyes. :

That sassy cover of Kurt and Courtney gave me chills. I was also a Catholic school girl, it was kind of nice rolling out of bed and putting my hair on top of my head for 12 years, but I fear my sense of style has suffered because of it. Oh and The Giver - great book. It's on my list of books I had to read in school and want to read again, because I didn't show enough respect to them purely because I was forced (ya know?).

Beatrice :

I love pretty much all of these things too!! you two have great taste ^,~

Ashlee :

i never had to wear a uniform..although my school threatened to make us wear them many times.

i will be at the fitting tonight...the pin is missing 2 rhinestones, but i will bring it so you can take a peek.

blakejacobsen :

I love all of this! The 90's are so nostalgic for me.

Noelle :

I think we wore out both our blue album and pinkerton's bc I had to remake cd's of them bc the originals were too scratched. I def don't miss my catholic school skirt... that thing was gone first chance I got. The pleats that made it jet out were not flattering. City of the lost children! Good one! Man so glad you guys decided to do this post! Seeing Kurt Cobain made my heart hurt a little, loved that cat.

Annebeth :

I really want docs again :( I used to have some in highschool but I didn't love em like I should have! and there are worse uniforms than what you had to wear! imagine having to wear union jack printed overalls for years and years, haha

Florence :

I love Weezer too! Love it, and I followed you.

Visit me! Lots of love


Kellie W. :

Awww, middle school. I always wanted Docs, but I didn't think I was cool enough to pull them off back then. That's probably to blame for my obsession with lace-up boots now. Obviously, I'm making up for lost time!

amy :

This post is beautiful. You both have very excellent taste I might add!

hope to hear from you*
love amy ^.^

The Attic People :

This brings back memories... chokers I clearly remember wearing them. I also remember having my hair spiral permed, wearing lots of crop tops (on trend again now!) and listening to lots of Oasis and Blur.

Great post ladies, made me smile


Tria Zaluska :

all those stuff are amazing!

chantilly :

omg sassy!! i do miss that magazine.

hollie :

Ahh, the nostalgia! Uniforms, chokers, DM boots, teen girl mags, sounds much like my adolescence too, except I went to an all girls' school!


lipstick and balloons

Melanie :

I can relate to so many of these!
I was a die-hard Sassy reader and was crushed when it folded. My subscription hadn't ended so they sent me Seventeen instead!!! Can you believe that?
Weezer---Love beyond words. And my vote is always for Pinkerton.
Chokers and Docs...that was my look all the way. I had Mount St. Marten in my closet with purple "lady" Docs, 20-hole blacks, oxblood 3 holes, steel toe 3-holes, black 8-holes, 10-hole oxblood, and probably more that I can't remember now.
Thanks for the walk down memory lane...now I feel old... :)