What We Love

Some Outfit Love. 



Thank you ladies :) It is an honor to be one of your favs :)



sarah nicole :

These are all great! I agree.



Santina :

Lots of lovely ladies here, as well as blogs I haven't seen yet. Thanks for sharing!

Cat :

Ooh I love them all! I've found myself doing more outfit posts lately, though I always feel so silly posing for the camera - these ladies, however, are clearly naturals!


JennaStevie :

Great picks!! I love these looks, very ladylike and gorgeous

gee :

oh my, thank you for including me with all these amazing ladies. i love every single look you picked out.
have a wonderful weekend loves.

Ashley :

I love a fine day for sailing and the styling dutchman!

wardrobeexperience :

thanks for sharing...

following now-wanna follow back?!


Emma :

gorgeous gorgeous and gorgeous.

caycelayne :

ooohhh great picks! all of these ladies have incredible style! it's so fun to see how each one interprets spring into their ensemble. i love the amount of inspiration that is daily at our fingertips thanks to these (plus you) fabulous ladies! :)

Steffys Pros and Cons :

aw i love all of the blogs you ladies posted... you have some exquisite taste :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Solanah :

Oh thank you so much for including me!


Annebeth :

oh yes I feel so honored because I am IN LOVE with your blogs and the girls you featured! I feel so lucky to be among you guys, haha

Jenny :

Great choice of outfits! Love the mix of patterns and colours.

Thanks for the comment: I feel the same way too - LOVE the orange cardigan! I want to wear it all the time :)

blakejacobsen :

I love all of these outfits! The patterns are all very enchanting, especially for this time of year. Great post!