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One of the things I love about San Francisco is its rich artistic history. Scattered throughout the city  are statues of historical figures, dynamic sculptures, and colorful murals.  The monument featured in these photographs marks the entrance to the Panhandle Park and is reminiscent of San Francisco's grandeur during the early 1900's. Dedicated in 1904 to President William McKinley, it commemorates his economic policies and his campaign techniques. The stature has withstood the test of time, including the historic 1906 earthquake that destroyed much of San Francisco.

My love for Stevie Nicks and her ethereal fashion never ends. I found this amazing dress at a local thrift store and loved the velvet burnout detailing, the dramatic sleeves, and babydoll cut. The Southwestern-inspired bag is my newest purchase (for $5.00!) It is similar to Pendleton for Opening Ceremony but with a muted color palette. The shoes- a recent present from Matty- matched it perfectly (even if they are a little big for me). Oh well, I can't part with a good pair of heels.

Dress: Thrifted
Hat: Thrifted 
Shoes: Present from Matty
Purse: Thrifted
Sunglasses: 1970s Vintage
Necklace: Dear Mina
Listening to: Suffragette City/David Bowie


Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love the velvety looking top to that dress, and the hat is amazing. you always have great hats!

Steffys Pros and Cons

Erika :

This is absolutely gorgeous! I cannot believe that you thrifted that bag, it's too perfect! You look wonderful as always.

Lauren :

Those shoes and bag...swoon! And I want to move to San Francisco for this very reason. Such a beautiful and interesting city!

Lydia :

Love. One of my favorite posts of yours I've seen. That bag!

GretchTM :

These pictures are awesome. I love your purse!

gee :

when you come to MI we must meet up and thrift together..!! :P
you keep on giving me more reasons to move to San Francisco..i am such a history & art freak. the only time i was able to go to SF i was there for one day and then somehow develop horrible food poisoning. :(
you look beautiful. another lovely find on your purse.
have a wonderful weekend..

Bridget Fossedal :

Thank you for your sweet, sweet comment this morning! It was lovely to wake up to. I'm definitely following your blog...it's stunning!


jamie :

looking good :) love the photos and love the dress <3

Meghan :

ooh love this so much! That bag is so great, I love the flashes of red!

Ethan :

Woman! you look divinely witchy. I love the details on that dress.

....And i want that bag in my closet now! i can't believe you thrifted it for 5 bucks. I was super close to buying one of the opening ceremony bags, but i just couldnt spend that money. I know somewhere out there at some salvation army, there is a bag like that waiting for me...

Tuesday! i'm excited.

have a great weekend


Em :

Your witchy outfits are some of my favorites. Those shoes and that purse are fantastic and perfect together.

Cassidy :

You look wonderful! I adore your outfit.

elanor, :

oh i love your dress. it's so beautiful!


Megan Hattie :

I love the details on that dress, and the shoes are lovely! SF does seem to have a lot of cool arty things, AHHH CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE THERE!

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Rebeccak :

Your shoes and bag are wonderful together! Perfectly matching, but not too 'matchy matchy'. I also love that second photo of you - the light is perfect!

TrophyBoutique :

You're KILLING me with the Stevie Nicks. For real. We should start a band..so maybe then I could borrow that awesome bag.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

Now you've gotten the song stop in my head! I love the red + black color combination, the detailing of your dress and of course the floppy hat.

The thrifted bag fits in so well with current trends, great find!

Libby, Vintage Aplomb :

I aspire to visit San Fran someday, just as soon as I conquer my overwhelming fear of flying. Also, that bag is adorable...you're definitely rocking the navajo print, lady!

Maria Ramona :

I adore that bag and shoe combo-- witchy woman your spell has definitely worked on me (hee hee!)

Hope Adela Pasztor :

j'adore your bright red pumps and handbag! =)


laura :

I love this whole look... and the shoes! killer.

hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights

Marisa Violeta :

Oh, I wish I could go to San Francisco someday!

You look great (again!). Those shoes are too beautiful! :)

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes :

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't know how to pick one favourite part of my visit to San Francisco. Probably just wandering around admiring the architecture. I love how all of the buildings have so much character.

This is such a great outfit. Your bag and shoes go together so well.

Stolen from Grandma :

i have quite a penchant for stevie nicks too!! that dress is positively stunning, and your bag is of course amazing!!

Leather & Lace :

beauty! love it all! the hat and shoes are perfection

GG :

Love this shoot! The pops of red and chaoro schuro effect are amazing - not to mention the second pose, dynamic and be"witch"ing. All around stunning.

Annebeth :

your pictures just get better with each post, these are stunning. I especially love the second pic, so moody!

Nikki :

lovely outfit :) x

PS: McKinley... that's from glee!

amalie :

this is great! i love your bag!

Jenni :

Yes. Yes. 1000 times yes. I love this outfit. The bag is just incredible. What an amazing find!

Michal :

Wow, awesome. That dress is SO Stevie Nicks. I love how you paired it with those amazing shoes & that awesome bag. I've been looking for a bag like that. Fabulous photos.

Life by Wyetha :

I really love this dress, it's fabulous, and I love it styled with the red and black pumps. Great outfit.

Tonya :

Thanks so much for following :)
I adore your bag! The print is soo sweet. And I love all the hats :)


Views by Laura :

WOW!! you look stunning at the second pic!!! so gorgeous!!
love the outfit!

heather :

that bag is absolutely amazing! what a great thrift find...a little jealous!