The warmer weather makes me miss Latin America. Last summer, Matty and I spent five weeks traveling through Guatemala and Honduras with little more than a small backpack and a Lonely Planet book guide. The experiencing was liberating to say the least. I dream of living in Guatemala for an extended period of time after I finish my schooling. I would like to improve my Spanish-speaking as well as learn traditional cooking techniques.

This vintage blouse is a thrifted dream. Not only is it the perfect fit but each rose is hand embroidered. Its simplicity and intricate detailing make it my new favorite summer piece. The bag is a well-loved item in my closet (the handle is coming apart!) The tooled-leather is like nothing I have ever seen before, with roses and a Mayan Calendar.  Anyone know who can fix this gem?

And thank you to everyone for the graduation wishes! Your kind words truly made my day very special!

Blouse: Vintage, handmade
Belt: Thrfited
Shoes: 1970s Vintage
Purse: 1950s Vintage
Skirt: Thrifted
Listening to: Bloom/Radiohead


Vanessa, Take only Memories :

Your shirt is soo beautiful! And I love the background!

Roz :

Once again - a stunningly perfect backdrop for your ensemble. I'm really enjoying such commitment to detail on this blog. Beautiful blouse too - perfect for long, summer afternoons (though that's wishful thinking here in Britain right now. It's wind and rain all the way today).

Rachel :

Wow, those pieces sound incredible! All that detail makes them stunning. :D

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

You look lovely, and the mural doesn't hurt at all! What perfect pictures! I bought a few hand embroidered blouses when I lived in Mexico, though unfortunately the weekend I went to the village where they make them we destroyed two tires on our car and had to pay cash to replace them. Hehe, long story short, I had no money for the best stuff, curses. Yours is stunning.

KaNini's :

That top is so lovely! I really love those vintage tops and your bag is a stunner! Love it as well! :)
xx, K.

Steffys Pros and Cons :

i love your floral shirt and bag... i know what you mean about missing latin america. i lived in nicaragua last year for 7 months and it was totally liberating. dont you miss the peace and quiet? and the simplicity?

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

islabell :

bloom? more like boom! damn girl you lookin fine. i love that blouse of yours and your hair looks adorable there

SoFashionistica :

I really like the top you are wearing! Those kinds of blouses are what people from my parent's country make. They are so beautiful and each are hand-made and not one shirt is like the other!
Guatemala is a nice country, have you ever gone to El's really pretty over there too!

JennaStevie :

I love this backdrop first and foremost, and that hand embroidered blouse is so amazing. As is that purse, very very cool

29 Skirts :

The embroidery on the blouse is beautiful, and the bag is an amazing find! I hope you get to return to Latin America. The trip you took sounds so adventurous...I would love to do that one day.

Little Erica :

Beautiful oufit! Love your aztec purse & embroidered blouse. i wish i could go back to La Mission & look at more murals :D

Renée :

that background is stunning, just like your outfit! xo

Wyetha :

Cute outfit, and I love your background....-- Wyetha

herecomesthesun :

That bag is AMAZING!!

Lydia :

That mural is so cool!! I love your peasant top. I so want to go to South America.

Amber Blue Bird :

your blouse is lovely. I love pieces that have so much heart in them. Your time in Guatemala sounds like a dream

gee :

oh lordy, that purse is AMAZING!
the detail is so beautiful.
i have always wanted to travel around the world but have not been able to and 5wks with nothing but a backpack and your love sound absolulty perfect.
you look beautiful as always Jenny..
have a wonderful week love.

Michal :

Gosh i am such a radiohead fanatic- i was instantly excited about this post because of the title. :) you look soo beautiful (what else is new?)- i just love the shape of that skirt. your trip sounds like it was reaaally amazing. i'd love to do something like that in peru. hopefully one day!

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella :

Your pictures are always so amazing girls! I love that bag, just so unique! The blouse is perfect for summer!

elanor, :

OH i adore your outfit! that purse is fantastic... :) love you and your blog as always...


Kellie W. :

That purse is amazing!!

Georgia Rose :

Thank you for the comment! I adore this outfit, especially those shoes. Vintage shoes never seem to fit me- did everybody have massive feet pre-1980s?! Anyway, you look stunning, and I want a little bow in my hair too!

Miranda :

Your blog is amazing, I just started following, I can't believe I'm just now finding you.

You asked about how hot it gets in D.C. and oh boy compared to Cali. it gets pretty hot because it's extremely humid in the summer. So in August I recommend sleeveless or tank dresses and tops, shorts and skirts. I'm hoping for a milder summer this year. I wear my hair up a lot, because it frizzes in the hot humidity. Overall people are pretty casual here and there are a variety of styles depending where you are in the city.


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

You find the best public art/murals for photo shoots-- I love how this one works with the theme of your outfit. Your adventures abroad sound amazing and I like how you paid homage to your memories with the gorgeous embroidered blouse and tooled leather bag.

Shy, Chesterfield :

you have some of the best pieces! I would love to shop your closet!!


dusanabotswana :

wow! I just went crazy over all this on chictopia but it was great seeing more pics and closeups. that bag seirously is incredible and the shoes, belt & top are so adorable! the detailing on the blouse is really pretty! let me know if you want any tips on improving Spanish!

Monique :

That top is so sweet! I miss S. America too. I spent a few months there in 2009 and have been dreaming of going back ever since. I haven't been to Guatemala but have been to Belize and Costa Rica in Central America. I've been to Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador and am dreaming of visiting Peru and Bolivia...Ah you got me dreaming again! Much love to you and Suerte!!!!

Sandy :

Love that cute blouse! What a great find! You look very lovely in these photos!

Awesome background btw!

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My Fair Lady Boutique

June Paski :

cuteee outfit, loveee ur bag soo much, the details is very great!

Hillary Rose :

I love this outfit! It's so cute and reminds me of trips I've done through the southwest. I love outfits that are reminiscent of adventures! Great post!

yellowvoices :


Ashlee :

yay for graduating! that bag really is awesome...i don't really know who could repair it though. perhaps a shop that specializes in selling leather goods?

The Attic People :

Your travels sound amazing! Im in love eith your blouse and hand bag... amazing finds :)