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Climbing trees was always something I liked to do as a child. I remember on one camping trip with my family I was timing myself to see how fast I could get from the bottom to the top of the tree. On my fifth or sixth time up the tree I suddenly found myself laying on my back, trying to get air back into my lungs. Though it shook me up, I didn't let it hold me down and I've gone on to climb many trees since then. Luckily, I didn't take a tumble on this tree climbing excursion and the worst thing that happened were some pesky mosquito bites. 

This pretty little floral dress is just perfect for the warm weather we had this weekend. I think it's from the 90's though it reminds me of the 1940s. The fluttery sleeves and cutout neckline are such sweet details. This is also the debut of my new shoes from Miz Mooz. They are so comfortable and I can't wait to paint my toenails fun colors so they can peep through the tips. And yes, behold, the whitest legs in California! I'm totally proud of my Irish skin, so you won't catch me tanning any time soon. But you can catch me enjoying the sunshine and fantastic weather as long as it lasts. 

Dress: Thrifted
Shoes: Miz Mooz 
Hat: Vintage 
Owl Ring: F21
Listening to: You Really Got Me/ The Kinks


Cat :

Gorgeous photos...and gorgeous shoes!

LikeSpinningPlates :

Aw these photos are beautiful!! I love your dress and hat. Adorable =)

Em :

Absolutely lovely! I like climbing too and these photos are quite inspirational.

sacramento :

Pretty dress and fantastic pics. I am so glad to have found you both.

Aryn :

Lovely clothing and a lovely photoshoot! I love the little owl and the pine cone!

A plus,
Driftwood and Daydreams

Steffys Pros and Cons :

gorgeous scenery... and i adore those shoes. theyre perfect for the upcoming summer :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

By Sara Romero :

aww how cute. i used to climb trees all the time as a kid also, except i fell a few times and broke my arm (im clumsier than most) Anyway the dress is perfect for a picnic and i love your shoes


JennaStevie :

These photos are so great! I love that you climbed the tree for these, that front button up dress is amazing, I love it

C :

ooo i love these photos!

Lauren :

What an adorable shoot!!! I love that you are in the trees. It's so precious! Very cute outfit. Loving those shoes.

BaronessVonVintage :

how wonderful these images are!! Love those shoes!!

jessie :

i am very impressed that you climbed up that tree in that dress. so cute!

Star-Light :

love the shoes :)

sarah :

So beautiful! I love these photos, they look like spring and make me want to go find a tree to climb, too. ;) Love that dress and those shoes are just lovely!

Berta :

I have the same shoess!!!

Lauren :

Ooh, that dress is lovely. Very pretty combo.

gee :

these are absolulty beautiful pictures love.
the first one is perfect.
the weather look lovely there for tree climbing.
i really hope you have a wonderful week.

islabell :

these photographs are amazing....i think my heart skipped a beat when i saw the first one. Seriously amazing....and i want to steal your shoes.

Amelia :

these are so fun & whimsical! adorable outfit and lovely photos.

Shy, Chesterfield :

These pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! I so need a remote... 10 seconds is not nearly enough time for me to stumble up a tree. I love those shoes by the way!


Sick by Trend :

very beautiful pictures. Also I love your outfit :D


Leanna :

Gorgeous shoes! I have that ring from F21, too. Love it! :)

Amber Blue Bird :

these photos came out brilliant. Your dress is adorable and you super cute in it.

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Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage :

Beautiful pics! I love those shoes, just got them in green!

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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hollypop :

i love the last picture it's fantastic!a

NodToStyle :

the first picture is one of the most stunning shots

Cee :

That first photo is just stunning- you captured the light beautifully. Love your retro-inspired look, too, especially that hat. I love, love, love hats and yours is just so sweet! It's the perfect partner for your dress :)

Caitlin :

i love these photos! i need to go find myself a tree to climb now!

Jo :

I love love love climbing trees! It is just the most satisfying feeling when you get to the ideal branch! It definitely makes the scraped knees worth it!


katie :

cute outfit and adorable photo shoot!

Emma :

what a fun photoshoot, your dress and hat are gorgeous

islabell :

nooooo! Wednesday is the only day I work a double! Butttt....i don't have to leave for work until 12.30...maybe we could grab a quick phliz and wander into our salvation army?

islabell :

haha :) YES! Sallys and coffee it is then. sleep tight lady. i'm looking forward to it.

Pratishtha Durga :

What a weather appropriate summer dress! And lovely pictures. I loved climbing trees as a child. But for over a decade now, I have been living in a city that is a concrete jungle as soulless as they come.

Would love to climb trees sometime. Your pictures remind me how much fun it used to be.

sacramento :

Thank you for your visit. You are in my blogroll and I am following you now.

Mrs Vintage :

love yr shots!!

Meghan :

I adore these photos! Your peephole dress is completely perfect, girly and earthy, and the hat looks so cute on you!

I was a big tree climber when I was young, too. I remember getting sooo much sap on my hands and not being able to get it off for days. But it was so much fun! That scene in stupid twilight where he takes her to the top of a pine tree is pretty damn amazing I hate to admit ;)
I want to go see the biggest tree on earth soon (in Sequoia National Park), get a redwood tattoo, oh boy it's late and i'm rambling,

anyway, love trees, your outfit and your climbing skillz.


Michal :

I love these photos, they make me want to climb trees!! :) I always used to do that when I was little too. I love your dress, the color and the neckline are so pretty.

Ida Nielsen :

Love those shoes!! Soooo pretty!

blakejacobsen :

Simple but lovely.