Daily Technicolor: Set II

 This is the second installment of the photograph series featuring my grandmother. Some of you may remember the first set that I posted a couple of weeks ago. These pictures remind me of stills from old Life magazines. They capture everyday experiences of my grandmother and her friends. From cooking to listening to records, each moment is beautifully presented as if it were a magazine pictorial. Aren't those pink dresses just wonderful? 

And Ashley posted some pictures of our lovely thrifting day trip over at her blog. Many goodies were found that day (including a few for myself!)


Lydia :

OMG are these your grandmother? So awesome! I love how they like never look at the camera. Stellar.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) :

I'm glad you shared more of these images, I love colour slides from that era. It's amazing that someone thought to capture them in their everyday activities and that they were such natural models. I especially like the photo of them in pink and the image of them putting on lipstick. You should get prints of these made and frame them in your home!

GretchTM :

These pictures are so photo-journalistic. I love it!

islabell :

these photos are amazing. what a chic grandmother you have. So awesome dude. I love the one of them looking at photos. you should frame it and put it up. Sorry if i was flustered at the end of the fair I was so out of it. I had alot of fun though. I'll be sending some photos your way soon

gee :

i saw the post over on ashley's blog!
so extremely jealous of all the lovely stores you all have other there.. :P looked like an amazing day.

such beautiful pictures..thanks for sharing again!
i really hope i look and dress that amazing when i am older. <3

lovemins :

thank you for your feedback on my blog! i'll definitely take more photos, next time i'm in Prague! the photos of your grandma are so so so cool! wish i had some like these of my grandma!
xoxo, Saskia

Rebecca :

What a wonderful record to have! Such interesting photos, so evocative of the era.

KateLainey :

these photos are adorable! I love looking at old photos.

Steffys Pros and Cons :

her and her friends are so retro i love it!!!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Jo :

Amazing photographs! And their clothing is beautiful!


Christina :

So glamorous! Old pictures are the best.

chloe.eloise♥ :

Oh, these are just too adorable! So amazing you still have all these photographs! What a wonderful memory!

Fox Whiskers

Michal :

these are just so amazing. the lighting in that first one is perfect!

Annebeth :

oh wow yes I immediately noticed how perfect everything looked! immaculately styled :) your grandma was a stylish lady!

Kirstin Marie :

Wow, these are incredible! I thought they were photos from an old magazine. I really loved seeing them, thank you so much for sharing. Beautiful!


Ellinor Forje :

Wow! Is all I can say. Great post. Thanks for sharing the images and drop by me too, soon.


Star-Light :

lovely pictures :))


Stef / Diversions :

Beautiful. Your grandparents' photography is exceptional!

Janette :

WOWOOWOOWW! LOVE IT! Your grammy and her friends had stellarkellar style! Rocked my retinas with all this splendor! Yup! No doubt!

Janette, the Jongleur

Protector of Vintage :

Such lovely photos!