Floral Revival

Maybe it's because I'm a child of the 1990s, but I am always drawn to floral print mini dresses. They remind me of The Gin Blossoms, Empire Records, and My So-Called Life. This one is a particular favorite of mine because it is reminiscent of Winona Ryder in Reality Bites. When I was 13, I thought Winona was the creme de la creme. Not only was she in Beetlejuice (one of the best movies ever made), but she also dated Johnny Depp, my pre-teen crush. I wanted to be Winona. Although her movies are stellar, I think her clothing choices left a mark in the minds of fashion-loving ladies. Her floral dresses, chiffon skirts, black tights and bob haircut truly encapsulates the trends of an entire generation.

Dress: Thrifted
Booties: Thrifted
Purse: Vintage, thrifted
Crocheted Vest: Thrifted
Neklace: 1960s Vintage, Thrifted
Listening to: Hey Jealousy/ Gin Blossoms


sacramento :

Floral and lace are such a perfect match.

Sophie :

You look so lovely! I love the lace waistcoat!

Pretty Things :

ohhh, loving your outfit, the boots are super cute - i was totally obsessed with beetlejuice.



Steffys Pros and Cons :

lol is it funny that just from reading your blog i can totally grasp that youre the kinda gal to like beetlejuice?? i love your lace vest, and those brown pointy shoes... are perf!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Jeniffer :

lovely dress... love the vest and hat too.. love the garden too..

Chim Chim Cherry


Beautiful, beautiful... I'm loving this look!! The lace up booties are splendid, as is that little lace vest, and I always LOVE floral dresses. x veronika

Mizdragonfly :

Love the floral/lace combo :)


Kuleigh :

I think the vest adds a nice touch! I love your hat and boots too! Your little gnome friend is pretty funny.

Santina :

This dress is so 90's, and I love it. Don't judge me, but here in Mexico they show a lot of old Beverly Hills 90210. I find myself pining for Donna Martin's floral dresses paired with Doc Martens! This look is gorgeous!


PS - I still want to be Winona circa the 90's!


Lovely! You know I've been channeling my inner 90's child, as of late. I definitely approve. I, too, had such a obsession with Winona Ryder as a youth - it all started with Heathers.

JennaStevie :

I am seriously in love with that lace little vest thing. Its so perfect with the floral dress, such a fabulous combination! Ahh yes the 90s was a good time.

chantilly :

totally. floral dresses are def. where it's at :P

Lydia :

Oh, Winona. Also a child of the 90's, I was obsessed with her as well. Plus I share a name with her Beetlejuice character, and when I was a teenager people said we looked a little alike. I think my favorite role of her was in Mermaids.

Melissa :

So pretty! The whole outfit as adorable, but I think I love the hat the most. So cute!


Teresauras :

Very cute!

islabell :

remember that time you jumped up on a plant potter and fell down. haha! I started laughing again when i saw these photos....sorry love.

Anywayssssss.....90's revival HOLLA! Looking gooooood lady. I lalways your outfits.

I think i drank too much coffee as i'm really giggly writing this.

I miss you. Lets hang soon.


Lucy Nation :

I loved My So Called Life and just wanted Angela's hair. Never thought I would ever feel nostalgiac for the 90's but I do:)

Lady Cherry :

Great photos. I love florals too but l like my dresses a little longer :)

Victoria :

Your outfit is gorgeous, it's just my cup of tea, the dress the waistcoat and the boots, maybe it's because I'm a 90's kid too <3 xxx

gee :

ahhh. i am so old. i was just reading a blog last night and i was like..HOLY CRAP..she is 16 and i am 28!! haha..!
oh the 90's. i love it so.
i love wino..but i was IN LOVE with drew barrymore!
i wanted to dye my hair blonde and wear daisies in my hair with overalls all day long.
i just re watched MSCL on netflix a month ago and i had some good ole jr. high flashbacks while watching it. :)

annnnnyways..i honestly always leave you two the longest comments. (SORRY)
you look beautiful. i would wear this whole outfit from head to toe. saving it in my "want to wear" folder.

Two Happy Hearts :

oh gee, i love this. i kinda want to be wearing it right now! hehe

Michal :

hehe my older brother had the biggest crush EVER on Winona Ryder. I remember he would watch Little Women with me whenever I wanted.. :P

I love this dress and how you layered the lace vest over it, plus the boots & hat are perfect accessories. I need more 90s floral dresses in my life! xo

Emma :

reality bites, fantastic movie! gorgeous outfit, love the floral with lace

Maria Ramona :

I thought Winona was the cat's meow as well. that movie inspired me to chop my hair into that cropped look she had in the film-- it didn't work quite as well on me though... lesson learned.

LikeSpinningPlates :

Floral dresses will always be completely adorable in my eyes. I want to wear them every season and pair them with just about everything. I love the lace vest and those are the perfect boots! P.S. I love your gnome. =)

head over heels :

i can't say no to a floral mini either.....love the hat too, you look gorgeous x

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys :

I was growing up in the 90s too, but I remained pretty cold to the whole floral dress thing--at least until this year. I'm kind of enjoying the whole 90s revival thing. And this look is pretty perfectly 90s!

Fashion Forestry :

FLORALSSSSSSSSSSSS! I was so obsessed with "20 year-olds" in the 90's! My child self would get all worked up, thinking I should have been in my 20s then!!!!

Monique :

Loving this bright floral dress. I love that you paired with with that vest...very 90s and very fun. That hat is amazing...love the large brim.

Sian :

This is so cute!! The floral dress is just perfect, they will always be my favourite thing to wear =) And I love the shoes as well, the perfect match to the dress =D
Following you =)

Sick by Trend :

beautiful dress and floral print! Without doubt the perfect combination with hat for a beautiful outfit :D



Mirror of Fashion :

That floral pattern is just perfect for you.

Jo :

High five for being 90s influenced! I adore the crochet waistcoat!


Colleen :

I love Winona! She would totally wear that...she's about due for a comeback, I wonder when that will happen?

Life by Wyetha :

I loved that movie...great match.

wardrobeexperience :

love this look. this lace-like vest on a floral dress is so awesome.


Lea :

Floral print mini dresses remind me of my mom! :) Because that's what she used to wear when we would go out to play together. And now I even own one of her old ones that she stashed away for me. Love your hat. I have extreme hat envy of everyone in the blogger world who owns a cute sunhat. Because I haven't been able to find one I love.

Annie, Time Enough for Drums :

Ah, I just watched Reality Bites the other day and thought about doing a little movie post about it! You beat me to the punch. I adore your dress, and love to see you mixing up with different decades. I've been searching for the perfect 90s grunge dress at the thrift recently, but keep coming up empty handed.

blakejacobsen :

Floral, floral, floral! I can't get enough. I love the lace vest, too!

Candylion :

I really love this outfit, you've got some great style. The dress is amazing and I love your hat!Also thank you for your comment in my blog about brigitte bardot ^__^